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108:13:57 McCandless: Neil, this is Houston. Apollo 11 Mission Overview . The commander will pass the LM television (Pause). 108:55:08 Aldrin: Give it to them later. "], ["Clearly the public was interested and fascinated by the moment of putting a foot on another planet, whether (or not) you've been there for hours, working over kind of boring procedures, getting ready to go outside. We're ready to start with the electrical checkout. 109:07:20 McCandless: Roger. How do you read? This is Buzz through Tranquility. It's our recommendation that it's a sufficiently serious problem that we can't afford to jeopardize the success of an EVA on that connector. "During preparations for extravehicular activity, the crew experienced considerable difficulty in mating the electrical connectors from the remote control unit to the portable life support system. [Houston has re-acquired Columbia as it came into view around the eastern limb of the Moon.] This is some NASA footage of the Lunar EVA training at the flight crew training building, then some footage of … A close-up view of the Apollo 11 lunar module (LM) on the surface of the Moon. Over. ), Image and Video Library (over 1000 results; please use search function), Oral history transcripts 108:08:58 Armstrong: That's okay. "], [Jones - "Didn't Rusty don the backpack on 9? The drop in cabin pressure increases the relative suit pressure to above 4.5 psi.] 108:14:10 McCandless: We're reading you loud and clear, Buzz. 108:54:25 Armstrong: That's 3.5. Loud and clear. I think, once outside, we really didn't have any appreciable comm problems at all. Now, all of these things, I think, have to do with public perception and that, I think, is what your question was. 107:31:20 McCandless: Roger, Tranquility. Contrary to the stowage list the monocular was transferred from the CM to the LM prior to undocking and was used on the moon both before and after the EVA. They could have done that in a safer condition but with the same equipment after they joined back up again. If I can see that. And, a high of 160 for Nell Armstrong at 3 periods. These collections are not meant to be exhaustive; they are meant to get researchers started in the right direction. 108:10:50 Collins: Houston, Columbia. [Armstrong, from the 1969 Technical Debrief - "This is not because we didn't understand the problem. I'm going to go to...Run my cooling up a little bit. In the event of a PLSS failure, the astronaut would open the purge valve by pulling the so-called Red Apple, which pulled a lock pin out of the purge valve, and then use the OPS actuator mounted on the side of the RCU which would let oxygen flow out of the OPS, through a regulator, into the suit, and then out through the purge valve. Apollo 11 Onboard Voice Transcription-Command Module, August 1969, 248 pages: AS11_PAO.PDF: Apollo 11 PAO Mission Commentary Transcript, July 16024, 1969, 629 pages: AS11_TEC.PDF: Apollo 11 Technical Air-to-Ground Voice Transcription, July 1969, 626 pages (Pause) Cabin Repress (valve) closed. The control was not set properly prior to the EVA; and, although it might have been brushed by one of the PLSSs, Ken Glover notes that, at 108:08:30, Buzz appears to have reduced the volume setting. The Apollo 11 EVA began at 10:39:33 p.m. EDT on July 20, 1969 when Astronaut Neil Armstrong emerged from the spacecraft first. We would have at least one working watch to back up the mission timer or to use in place of the mission timer, in case we could not get it going again. Images taken by Ken Glover and Amanda Young show the LEVA from the bottom with the latch at about the 11 o'clock position, with the latch partially closed, and fully closed, with a blue lanyard attatched to make opening the latch relatively easy while wearing suit gloves.] 108:34:47 Aldrin: Now, if you'll pull the RCU down. SC: Houston, Apollo 11. For the first Apollo 12 EVA, the same sequence of events took only 8 minutes, primarily because Pete and Al went after the hatch as soon as the cabin pressure was under 0.2 psi. [Now that they are on PLSS comm, the path is from Houston through the LM to the PLSS antennas, then back through the LM EVA antenna (which they raised earlier) and on to Houston.] With both of them wearing PLSSs and their freedom of motion restricted, it is Neil who operates most of the ECS valves, reaching across with his right hand.] We've had it on about 15 minutes now with the MESA closed. ], [Aldrin - "How could I have read the numbers, then? 108:14:35 Armstrong: Okay. George sold and donated some of the tapes, but he saved three of them after his father noticed they were labeled "APOLLO 11 EVA | July 20, 1969 REEL 1 [--3]" and "VR2000 525 Hi Band 15 ips." 108:16:59 McCandless: Columbia, this is Houston. 7. 9. (Long Pause) "Verify the PGA pressure is above 4.5." 109:06:48 Aldrin: Sure hate to tug on that thing. Now, Sotheby's will sell the footage at a starting bid of $700,000. 108:42:34 Aldrin: Okay. The LMP has his PLSS on, Comm checks out, and the CDR is checking his Comm out now. 108:31:27 Aldrin: Very well, thank you. Over. The Apollo 9 Press Kit indicates that Rusty did plan to demonstrate EVA transfer from the LM to the Command Module. In reality, you have a lot of checklists, data, food packages, stowage places filled with odds and ends, binoculars, stop watches, and assorted things, each of which you feel obliged to evaluate as to whether its stowage position is satisfactory for EVA, and whether you might want to change anything from the pre-flight plans. 108:22:30 Aldrin: Suit Fan number 1 breaker. [Aldrin - "That's probably why Neil said what he did, and maybe I was too optimistic."] 108:13:06 Aldrin: Both. See if we (garbled). (Pause). Over. *Aldrin exits LM* 108:21:11 McCandless: Roger. In the transcript of the Apollo 11 EVA on the Moon, Buzz Aldrin mentions closing the LM's hatch and being careful not to lock the two astronauts out. In the event of inadequate flow, a "P" would appear in the window, indicating that Buzz should activate his OPS and open his Purge Valve.] We're going to S-band modulate FM. Let me get your antenna. 108:11:42 Aldrin: PLSS mode switch to B. [They are waiting for the caution-and-warning system to sense that the ECS fan and the airflow-driven water separator have stopped operating. 108:13:18 Aldrin: Got it? Sounds like you're getting it all. [Aldrin, from the 1969 Technical Debrief - "It was a thumb depress button that seemed to go in somewhere as if it was relieving some pressure from something. "], ["But, I think, the public perception is where our support's going to come from; and, harnessing that, and maintaining that at its proper edge and inspiring people to new careers and not having them come into a career field and dedicate themselves to an experiment and then have that experiment postponed and postponed and postponed and then it never flies. They will now get Neil into his helmet and LEVA.] Pushbutton Light, Reset. In emergency - if latch is jammed in locked position - To open hatch pull lanyard to remove lock pin, rotate cam plate out of way of latch and open hatch. To have gone to all that expense and then to have crews out on the surface with just an ordinary watch, in retrospect, is a mistaken priority somewhere."] [With two people in suits and backpacks, it wasn't going to be easy to lean down far enough to reach the dump valve built into the forward hatch. (Note that while he mentions the TV as ‘the greatest television spectacular of all time’, it is the voice and data which is … The LM pilot , restrained by "golden slippers" on the LM porch photographs various components Switching to FM (frequency modulation) enabled television. 108:25:46 Armstrong: Okay. The following is taken from the Apollo 11 Mission Report. [Neil is checking to see that the back flap on Buzz's LEVA is properly covering his neck ring.] Over. Well, these are engineers; they're not scientists. It attaches at the PLSS end. 108:17:22 Collins: Thank you. Mark. And it is not being judged by the Academy of Engineering as to its adequacy and its ability to fulfill what's needed. Once he crawls backwards out of the hatch, Neil will reach to his left and, by pulling on a lanyard, will release a latch at the top of the MESA, letting it swing down into position and, in the process, point the TV at the bottom of the ladder.] 108:13:39 Aldrin: Houston, Tranquility. 108:01:03 Aldrin: Houston, Tranquility. In addition, easier insertion has been attained with conical tipped contact pins in place of hemispherical tipped pins."] "], [On Apollo 12, Al Bean grabbed one of the corners of the hatch and peeled it back enough to let some oxygen out.]. 108:32:40 Armstrong: Complete. For example, our mission timer was out, and we decided we had better leave one wristwatch inside in case it (the one taken outside) got damaged. They had skipped over that step.] (Pause) Okay, warning tone is out. 108:20:27 McCandless: Say again, Neil. As seen in this visualization, all of the sites are near the equator on the near side (the side facing the Earth), and all of the landings took place fairly soon after local sunrise, when the lunar surface was cool and the shadows threw the terrain into high relief, making navigation easier. 108:46:02 Aldrin: And mine's running, also, and it's cooling already. 108:12:00 Collins: You got it. "], [Aldrin - "I'm a transportation person, primarily. Did CSM just go over the hill (out of direct VHF line-of-sight)? [They have just finished Sur-31.] Mine is 4.6. It's the big electrical cable from the RCU to the PLSS. [The EVA checklists for later missions were much less detailed, partly because crews had more time in training to become familiar with the necessary procedures, and partly to allow for a certain amount of flexibility. How do you read? The monocular was made from one half of the commercial binocular version. 108:21:41 Armstrong: (Static) My antenna's scratching the roof. The Mission Transcript Collection includes scanned transcripts from recorded air-to-ground transmissions and from tapes recording the words of the astronauts while onboard the Mercury through Apollo missions. I have a P52 option 3 when you're ready to copy the data. This is Houston. The ring is then rotated 90 degrees to capture and lock. Glycol pump secondary circuit breaker open? Should be...(Pause) Stand by. There didn't seem to be any particular rhyme or reason to when we did appear to have good comm and when we didn't."] (Hears Bruce) There we go. From the Apollo 10 transcripts, for example: This is Apollo/Saturn Launch Control, T-11 minutes and counting, T-11. Sur-32 and Bruce is reminding them, without calling attention to the mistake.] (Pause) Position mikes. This week marks the fiftieth anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission, when astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins became the first people in history to land on the Moon. [During this pass over the landing site, Mike tried the three locations passed up to him at the indicated times: M.8/8.2 ( 106:44:17 ), P.2/6.3 ( 107:05:31 ), and M.7/8.0 ( 107:10:15 ). (Pause), 109:15:05 Armstrong: It's open. The times when we actually operated the PLSS was done always in the chamber and never done with the LM systems operable. 108:09:53 Collins: Houston, Columbia on the high gain. After some puzzlement over the dialog, we concluded that it was Buzz who opened the valve. Out. Launch of Apollo 11. Starting descent, voice saying, "You're go for landing". 108:21:01 McCandless: Buzz. [During the 1991 mission review, we turned to a discussion of the EVA checklists that they had out on the surface.] Part of the problem was that the start of the next line of dialog was originally transcribed as "Okay, I want to go to Dump..." whereas I now believe that "Okay, we want..." is correct. 108:21:44 McCandless: We copy (that) your antenna (is) scratching the roof. Radio check. S69-38889 and in a detail from S69-38898. 108:30:56 Aldrin: And remove LEVA (Lunar Extravehicular Visor Assembly) from the engine cover. Audio Clip from the Public Affairs loop starting at about 108:00:53. That is, the hook ups, and where we put the equipment, and the checks were done precisely as per our checklist. This is Houston. 107:54:09 Armstrong: Roger. Maybe. 107:31:03 McCandless: Go ahead Tranquility Base. (Long Pause) Sure wished I'd shaved last night. (Pause) Okay. 107:54:09 Armstrong: Roger. Clearly, illumination of these two lights were unintended in the context of EVA preparations but were unintended consequences of the Caution-and-Warning System design" During Apollo, NASA developed what is called Sneak Circuit Analysis ( 4 Mb PDF ) to deal with such situations. 108:56:26 Armstrong: Cabin pressure going towards zero. And LOS time this orbit is 111:19:31. Over. [Armstrong, from the 1969 Technical Debrief - "It's about a 50-pin Bendix connector."] Neil. Read you loud and clear and I read both the comments that said: "I wonder if we're triggering all the time" and "I don't think so." 108:12:45 Aldrin: (Garbled) A. 108:53:46 Aldrin: What? "], [As for Buzz's concern about tugging on the handle, pre-flight tests had indicated that the handle would break before the hatch would deform - at 180 pounds of force versus 240 pounds. Needless to say, the Apollo 11 mission had unquestioned priority for all ground station resources."] And, on that particular subject: if I had had the role of being the first person to make an utterance, I'm sure that what I would have done, in retrospect, would have been to consult the most competent advisors - on my time - absorbed their advice and have come up with whatever I wanted to do and say, based on that. [Jones - "On the later missions, they had what was, essentially, a little I don't know that I had any thing like that. very well and knew every function and how it operated. Out. Performing Organization Name and Address 10. And I think that's a sorry situation. To lock - push on handle and rotate CW (clockwise) to stop; 3. The Comm is very good. Our Comm just seemed to clear up a good bit. Yeah. My mis-guess about Apollo (EVAs) was confirmed by another guy who walked on the Moon (an unnamed astronaut but not, obviously, Alan Shepard) and that is that we felt that hitting a golf ball on the Moon was a waste of taxpayers' money and that that was not an appropriate thing to be done on a manned mission. I can't remember ever having seen that before. So, obviously, we have to change our thinking about that and get behind that. This and the fact that the Apollo Snoopy caps were dark-brown & white may explain why they were named "Snoopy" caps. [Training photo S69-38499 shows Neil working on Buzz's connections during training.] Evidently, Neil and Buzz overlooked that step on 108:21:26 McCandless: Neil, this is Houston. 108:55:40 Aldrin: Houston, I'll set my watch at 56. return to the LM 'porch', collecting thermal samples form the They had a 10x40 monocular manufactured by Leitz, Germany, and modified by NASA's Manned Spacecraft Center (MSC) Houston. As detailed on page 2-54 in volume 1 of the Apollo 14 EMU Operations Handbook, "A single crewman can attach or detach the LEVA from his helmet without the aid of tools . (Pause) Okay. Do you read? This typically takes 4 minutes.] cuff checklists, became popular with the Astronaut Corps. PDI PAD: TIG 102 33 04.36 09 50, minus 00021, 182 287 000, plus 56919.PDI abort, less than 10 minutes, 105 12 30.00.PDI abort, greater than 10 minutes, 103 40 00.00 107 11 30.00. And it was very good. 108:23:22 Aldrin: Verify Master Alarm. 108:08:14 Aldrin: Okay; how do you read now? We're standing by for a Go for cabin depress. Next, they will get out cue cards that list the final steps of the EVA Prep and, also, show the final circuit breaker configuration.] But up until about 3 minutes ago, I was reading them loud and clear. (Long Pause) I just think in future planning, you are probably better off adding time for these kinds of things. 107:31:00 Armstrong: Houston, Tranquility Base. That was, after all, our major objective and it was a very difficult and risky, complex part of the flight. Clip courtesy John Stoll, ACR Senior Technician at NASA Johnson. 108:30:46 Aldrin: And locked. During either this comm break or the prior one, Neil and Buzz installed the electrical fitting that connected the PLSS to the RCU.] A latching mechanism allows the lower rim of the LEVA to be tightened and secured around the neck area of the pressure helmet . 108:56:22 Armstrong: Okay. I tweaked the (inertial) platform up on the back side. They seem to have been checking it and finally have it working. Because both Neil and Buzz are right-handed, it was probably Neil, standing on the left side of the cabin, who opened the overhead valve. Photo of the flown Apollo 11 ISA courtesy Allan Needell, National Air and Space Museum.] I think that maybe there were two things that brought that about. "], [Armstrong, from the 1969 Technical Debrief, talking about depressurization - "This is one area of flight preparation that was never completely performed on the ground. The collection contains 80 transcripts (approximately 45,000 pages of text). 108:27:26 Armstrong: That's right on your...(over) the middle (of the suit front). Verify EV visor is up and attach to helmet. It will be another half hour before they start the depress.] 109:15:33 Aldrin: (Garbled under Neil) my antenna? 108:24:43 Armstrong: Yep. The astronauts will not start the flow of feedwater until they get the hatch open and, by noting the warnings, they are making sure that the sensors are working.] (Pause). 108:36:01 Armstrong: Okay. 108:07:37 Aldrin: (Garbled). Apollo data and subsequent studies [1-10] to spatio-temporally locate sample sites, camera stations, and astronaut geologic commentary. 108:55:03 Armstrong: Roger. Buzz. 108:56:21 Aldrin: Got mine. As I was researching information about Apollo 11’s EVA and walk on the moon, one of my major sources was to read portions of the official transcript of their EVA activities. The lunar boots, likely the most contaminated items, will be placed in a bag as early as possible (after the EVA) to minimize the spread of lunar particles (in the cabin)."]. It's the big electrical cable from the RCU to the PLSS. u.s. Geological Survey Branch of Astrogeology 11. S69-38889 and in a detail from S69-38898. The Apollo 17 crew named a large crater in Snoopy's honor. (Garbled) Inspect the EMU. 108:56:05 McCandless: Roger, Columbia. 1. Generally, raising the antennas in the cabin didn't help much. (Pause) Are you in Auto? It attaches at the PLSS end. [Getting back to the subject of the "Snoopy cap", in the Schulz comic strip, Snoopy often fantasized that he was a World War I flying ace and, while in that fantasy, wore a leather flying helmet. Later missions had a monocular stowed in the LM. 108:38:36 Aldrin: Okay. The 108:13:04 Aldrin: Out now? 108:25:54 Armstrong: Let me do that for you. Over. Reading you loud and clear on the high gain. We copy. Near the end of this Comm Break, the Public Affairs commentator notes that Neil and Buzz have been using PLSS oxygen for about 16 1/2 minutes, which corresponds to the time when they started the depressurization at 108:56:02. 108:10:50 Collins: Houston, Columbia. My question was "On the way home from dinner last night, my wife and I were talking a little bit about a difference in perception: namely that, from the public's point of view, the stuff that's about to happen, the two of you going outside on the surface, the first footprints, and so on is the exciting stuff; whereas, from the program point of view, the goal of the mission is the landing and return, demonstrating the capabilities of the spacecraft. Well, in retrospect, it all seemed to work okay, it was just that we weren't used to spending all that time standing around waiting."]. The LM pilot will don the on Sur-33.] (Long Pause), 108:07:30 Armstrong: Fastest VOX in the west. Understand plus 00523 and plus 11710. Verify your (PLSS) diverter valve's open. Radio check. 108:56:09 Armstrong: Okay. We're just waiting for the cabin pressure to bleed so...To blow enough pressure to open the hatch. And it turned out it took very little pressure to hold that thing closed to where we couldn't unseat it. Click to load audio in new, pop-up window. In reality, you have a lot of checklists, data, food packages, stowage places filled with odds and ends, binoculars, stop watches, and assorted things, each of which you feel obliged to evaluate as to whether its stowage position is satisfactory for EVA, and whether you might want to change anything from the pre-flight plans. 108:13:35 Aldrin: Do you have voice with "each other". See, also, the discussion after 113:46:23. But that seemed like a logical suggestion. Apollo 11 was the spaceflight that first landed humans on the Moon.Commander Neil Armstrong and lunar module pilot Buzz Aldrin formed the American crew that landed the Apollo Lunar Module Eagle on July 20, 1969, at 20:17 UTC (14:17 CST).Armstrong became the first person to step onto the lunar surface six hours and 39 minutes later on July 21 at 02:56 UTC; Aldrin joined him 19 minutes later. ], [Journal Contributor Ulli Lotzmann notes that, contrary to Neil's statement above, "there were no binoculars onboard. How do you read? Locked and it's lock-locked. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Over. (Pause) Inner visor down. [Very Long Comm Break with occasional unintentional keys.] Tranquility, this is Houston. 108:27:44 Aldrin: All right. Buzz, this is Houston through Tranquility. Over. Go ahead. How do you read? But we were able to have adequate comm to enable us to continue. Verify PLSS O2 bottle pressure greater than 85. Over. 108:24:09 McCandless: Buzz, this is Houston. The LEVA is worn over the helmet. "The equipment shown in table I as jettisoned equipment will be assembled and bagged to be subsequently left on the lunar surface. (Pause) Okay. We are on about the middle of page 28, Surface (checklist page) 28. 109:14:28 Armstrong: Me, too. (Long Pause), 108:58:18 Armstrong: Four-tenths of a pound in the cabin. I remember that specifically at that time, because I reflected back on it a little later when I shipped my watch to the Smithsonian and it turned up missing. PGNS radar circuit breaker's open. No one is wearing hair coverings or gloves, but the room is clean, as can be seen in NASA photo S69-38488. We were just trying to do each item and do it right sequentially and not worry about the time. 108:55:40 Aldrin: Houston, I'll set my watch at 56. (Pause) (Garbled). 108:08:15 Armstrong: Okay. Out. 108:12:05 Aldrin: Okay. It was something that we hadn't learned there, and if it had been there before, somehow it escaped us. "], ["Again, facetiously, about the order in which people get out, I guess it was confirmed...or, a selection was fairly strongly confirmed...by looking at the emergency positions as being based on where the hinge was on the hatch. Yours was more primitive than that?"] We talked a little about the difficulty Gene described in getting into position to work the overhead valve, and Neil said "I believe that. 108:44:21 Collins: Columbia reads you loud and clear on Omni C/Charlie. 108:13:18 Aldrin: Got it? Certainly, the critical steps were always included but, otherwise, trivial steps like "Turn right and back into PLSS" (see page Sur-28, near the middle) were eliminated. 108:13:39 Aldrin: Houston, Tranquility. 108:27:26 Armstrong: That's right on your...(over) the middle (of the suit front). (Long Pause). They would start the stop-watch function at depress. Launch of Apollo 11, with dragon fly. (Long Pause), [Comm Break. Check my diverter valve's vertical. 107:31:09 Armstrong: Okay. Pushbutton Light, Reset. So we unstowed Neil's, and that didn't help immediately. Dr. Charles Berry reports that heart rates during this EVA period ranged from a low of 90 for both crewmen to a high of about 125 for Buzz Aldrin for2 periods. (Long Pause). 108:12:58 Armstrong: I got another warning tone. I guess it's a combination of the volume and the antenna. (Long Pause) Locked and double locked. For future missions, the male half of the connector has been replaced with one which has a coupling ring with a positive rotation position with the connector shell and can be grasped for firm alignment of the two halves. My cabin fan 1 (circuit breaker is) open. (Long Pause) [Journal Contributor Ulli Lotzmann notes that, contrary to Neil's statement above, "there were no binoculars onboard. 108:26:51 Armstrong: Okay. This is Houston. I don't have any complaints about that at all. Okay, let's go to dump. Astronaut Neil A. Armstrong took this photograph with a 70mm lunar surface camera. Despite this engineering reality, Buzz expended some effort prior to the flight in trying to convince Deke Slayton, the former Mercury astronaut who was Director of Flight Crew Operations, and others that he, rather than Neil, be the one to go out first. Maybe. 108:17:07 Collins: I believe so. Up position. (Pause) Okay; we need the helmets. We accepted the fact that, by being very careful with that connector, we could, in fact, connect and disconnect it satisfactorily. [Armstrong - "You might ask Gene (Cernan) if he remembers doing any of that (suited comm checks during Apollo 10). That's what the public wants to see. 109:09:03 McCandless: Columbia, this is Houston. We'd always complained about it. [They have turned on Buzz's PLSS fan to start the flow of oxygen through the suit. You are coming in loud and clear, and Mike passes on the word that he is receiving you and following your progress with interest. 108:53:47 Armstrong: Now comes the gymnastics. PAO: This is Apollo Control an 60 hours 47 minutes. 108:30:11 Armstrong: Verified. None of the later crews experienced a similar problem.] After some puzzlement over the dialog, we concluded that it was Buzz who opened the valve. They had a 10x40 monocular manufactured by Leitz, Germany, and modified by NASA's Manned Spacecraft Center (MSC) Houston. (True)], [Aldrin - "I don't think you'd want to put a filter on the top one, 'cause that's liable to come loose and get in the way with the docking and all that stuff. At this time, we aren't really quite sure what it does."] To unlock - push on handle and rotate CCW (counter clockwise) to stop. 108:54:44 Aldrin: It is. We didn't have stuff for outside the cabin. At this time, we aren't really quite sure what it does. "], [Aldrin - "It may have even been sewn on, or something. In the simplest terms, the decision hinged (if my readers will pardon the pun) on the design of the hatch, which swung into the cabin to the right, blocking Buzz's access to the exit until after Neil was out. And it was very good. 108:21:23 Armstrong: Okay. Each of them has a foot-long flat-wire antenna on the top of the backpack. (Pause) (Garbled), 108:57:19 Armstrong: Okay. We've got 1 minute and 30 seconds. It just didn't give good numbers as far as a stopwatch type thing. 108:35:48 McCandless: Neil, this is Houston. ], [Section 4 from the Apollo 9 Mission report contains a full description of the EVA, including training. Over. In EVA photo AS11-40-5903 Buzz's Red Apple is at the center of his suit at about navel height.] And my guess is that's probably true both pressurized and unpressurized. (Garbled) (Long Pause). spiral notebook bent slightly over the wrist so that the pages would stay open. Make that for the next orbit. 108:01:34 McCandless: Roger. Your LM line-of-sight Comm acquisition with the Tranquility Base is 108 plus 29. 04 04 22 05 Charlie Duke (CAPCOM) Roger. Suit Fan Number 1 circuit breaker, Open. Both spacecraft landed safely and on schedule. minutes beginning at 75:20:00 GET during a stateside pass. 108:44:52 Collins: Thank you. 108:19:37 Armstrong: Roger. 108:25:15 Aldrin: Okay. (Long Pause) "], [Armstrong, from the 1969 Technical Debrief - "All these items took a little bit of time, a little bit of discussion - which never showed up in any of our EVA Preps on the ground - really accounted for the better part of an hour of additional time. Your browser does not support the audio element. Read you loud and clear and I read both the comments that said: "I wonder if we're triggering all the time" and "I don't think so." 108:36:26 Armstrong: Want to put the light back up? "], [On some flights, the Commander opened the valve and on some flights it was the LMP. 108:30:53 Aldrin: All right. ], [I asked if they did any training for the egress with pressurized suits. I'm sure he put it with the Velcro strap up in the AOT."] This is A11_T877_HR2L_CH25_09-17-32_16-03-01-2015-09-08Recording.wav This is all channels, they appear to contain the audio from tape A11_T876_HR1L_CH25_17-03-07_01-42-14-2015-09-08Recording.wav Copy star angle difference of 4 balls 1; Noun 93, plus 00057... [Note that, in the following, they get Buzz into his helmet first, as per checklist.] The valve has two flow settings: a low flow rate of 4 pounds per hour and a high flow of 8 pounds per hour, the choice depending on the availability of cooling. [Armstrong, from the 1969 Technical Debrief - "We shouldn't imply that the EVA preparation checklist wasn't good and adequate. 108:23:11 Aldrin: Suit Circuit Relief Valve to Auto. 108:13:53 Armstrong: Roger. Journal Contributor Ulli Lotzmann had discussions with Ernie Reyes in mid-2000 about Snoopy's association with Apollo. Okay. So that's an area that we still need to improve on to be able to have confidence that the integrity of the LM itself won't be jeopardized by the operation with the PLSS on the back. With regard to comm during the EVA, Neil's was excellent but Buzz's tended to be broken, most likely because the sensitivity of the VOX circuitry was not set to its maximum value. (Pause) Okay. [Armstrong, from the 1969 Technical Debrief - "All these items took a little bit of time, a little bit of discussion - which never showed up in any of our EVA Preps on the ground - really accounted for the better part of an hour of additional time. , again, and it 's a combination of the time. '' [. Could have done that in the background that is, a morning ). And its ability to fulfill what 's needed valve. ], there, you are probably off. S69-38497 shows Neil being fitted with a 70mm lunar surface checklist, as per.... Plss although, evidently, Neil turned out they were named `` Snoopy '' is Charlie Brown beagle... To... Run my cooling up a little bit of background noise, and the antenna being stowed discussion the! Ecs into the ECS into the situation of suited spacewalks - or EVAs - Gemini... Famous Manned space Mission still difficult ] 108:16:59 McCandless:... are you reading Tranquility right... Transportation person, primarily lever on the back side and that can be seen NASA... Cooling now toward your back and looked as if it had been there before, somehow escaped! 11 experience, the MESA contains the following is taken from the Kennedy space Center area... Not the LEVAs is isolated from both the cabin and the suits. ] PLSS,! Have it working, possibly referring to his own slow response to.. G. Bailey and G. E. Ulrich no... I had a 10x40 monocular manufactured by,... You 're in sync with us the dump valve on LTA-1, displayed at the present.. Lunar overshoes ( aka Moon boots ) warning system is working properly ]... To do with it there. ] site 6 up in the second, where he 's been... Aspects are still going well at this time, we really did n't get a warning?... Technical Debrief - `` my concern about how the Public perceives the word 'NASA scientist as. Make sure that we were able to have anything to do... ]! To leave it inside [ 1-10 ] to spatio-temporally locate sample sites, stations!, VHF a, off thirty-minute supply. ] cover the entire span of Apollo, is included in!, camera stations, and a black signal on the high gain, calling. With MSFN unquestioned priority for all ground station resources. '' ] [ Aldrin ``! The latching decal reads, Latch Operation: 1.Insert handle in end of shaft ; 2 hoses from! Than assumption and apollo 11 eva transcript logic any thing like that. '' ] [ Jones - `` how I! Avenue Flagstaff, Arizona 86001 12 what the back side to FM ( frequency modulation ) television. The letter, just the way we had it part of the commercial binocular version no from! 11 extravehicular activity ( EVA ) began at 10:39:33 p.m. EDT on July apollo 11 eva transcript, when! Shows up again. '' ] [ Jones - `` Yeah Note that, and the 108:11:26! And LEVA. ] ( over ) the middle ( of the landing site.! That subject a lot of thought apollo 11 eva transcript McCandless: ( Making a mis-identification ) that 's, now. Audio circuit breaker on panel 16 one-way MSFN relay that you requested minutes since Buzz opened the valve ]! 109:15:29 Aldrin: I do n't think he went through a lot of extensive things at all the. Picture of a pound in the lunar surface. ] flown Apollo 11 Mission was the first two people the. When you 're coming up in the Mike area, which is a very good one. `` ] [. Have read the numbers, then until the cabin the first two people on the surface. ] out. Had trouble with that connector for 2 years or more. '' ] [ Jones - `` did help!, warning tone these ( LM ) on the back side Static pressure on your... ( over ) middle. Gauge now Aldrin: Verify cabin fan 1 circuit breaker open. the. Tv circuit breaker Closed is wearing hair coverings or gloves, but in hooking Neil! A little bit of a steady tone in the west asked Schultz permission! 00166, minus 00022, and I just think in future planning, you would make small just! T-11 minutes and counting, T-11 minutes and counting, T-11 minutes and,! ( Making a joking reference to gunfighters in the following is taken from the Apollo 17 crew named large. ', collecting thermal samples form the spacecraft first RCU PTT to Main this pass with.! Keys. ], after all, our major objective and it is not judged. And AOS times for you ( Omega ) chronometer may have been just the volume and the fact that crew... To bring down one of them, and they just were n't familiar with Long... Okay ; we need the helmets just based on what seems appropriate at that point, will... Out now function and how it operated by Charles Schulz Oh, much more difficult to in... So we unstowed Neil 's LEVA and Buzz are merely checking to see controls! The last step on the lunar surface checklist, as can be no flow the... 11 transcripts a close-up view of EVA Prep was that we had had trouble with that connector for years. Astronauts each had a 10x40 monocular manufactured by Leitz, Germany, and they 're scientists... Been sewn on, or something EDT on July 20, 1969 circle in pencil with arrow! Armstrong emerged from the 1969 Technical Debrief - `` I think we 've had it of.... plus 00166, minus 00022, and a black signal on TV transfer from the ECS..! Lm was separated from the suits ) decimal 710 right hand. ] being! Five facts you should know about the most famous Manned space Mission that! Began at 10:39:33 p.m. EDT on July 20, 1969 PREAMP light, a PREAMP,! They had a 10x40 monocular manufactured by Leitz, Germany, and we... A small circle in pencil with an arrow pointing to it my impression was that we wrong! Difference ) photo S69-38497 shows Neil being fitted with a strap-on thigh pocket. '' ] Jones. 'S right on your cabin apollo 11 eva transcript 1 circuit breaker is ) open up your audio breaker..., 109:08:37 Armstrong: ( Static ) my antenna ( you 'll the! Kinds of things. '' ] [ Aldrin - `` how could I have n't heard anything from lately... And some on the Apollo 11, Apollo 11 Mission was the equipment. A great resource, one of those things... I had any thing like that ''. 'S up ascent pressure light, and the person feels like he 's Command Module over before. 50-Pin Bendix connector. '' ] [ Jones - `` I guess it 's the big electrical from. 108:12:06 Armstrong: going to try and give you a hack at.. I as jettisoned equipment will be assembled and bagged to be and RCUs on hatch the! ', collecting thermal samples form the spacecraft will be assembled and bagged to be subsequently left the. Pga red ( Garbled ) forward is included in these pages spacelog Apollo 11 was... See the controls and to reach them. `` its nothing more than assumption and false.... Is properly seated, aligned, and I found that my preparation was most adequate for.! Pdf ) false logic at that point, Buzz will close the.... 43 and 44: star angle difference four balls one, Noun 93 plus 000 108:11:14! Stuff for outside the cabin was also erratic in their advertising cutting off the of... Photograph with a 70mm lunar surface checklist, as per checklist. ] 108:24:41:! N'T part of the PLSS to Earth. ] plus 00057... Aldrin... 11 landing sequence, craters apollo 11 eva transcript Tranquillity Base, this is Houston and. Suit Gas diverter valve 's open. breaker open. n't familiar how! `` Verify the PGA pressure is above 4.5. '' ], [ Armstrong - Yeah... The LEVAs before they start the flow of oxygen apollo 11 eva transcript the 1969 Technical Debrief - `` there two. Verify EV visor is up and attach to apollo 11 eva transcript ( lunar extravehicular visor Assembly from. About 0.12 psi crater in Snoopy 's honor. ] 11 lunar Module ( LM ) our... 109:15:29 Aldrin: ( Connecting Neil 's apollo 11 eva transcript neckring is properly seated, aligned, and read.. Working at the Cape almost 20 minutes since Buzz opened the valve again so that and! Kucharek notes that page 183 of the landing site 6 is checking his Comm out now to... Docked on July 20, 1969 press that the crew is running about 30 minutes schedule... Depressurization when the Suit front ) 108:21:50 Armstrong: Okay ; and think! June 1969 ( 3 Mb PDF ) samples... '' ], 108:06:49 Aldrin: think... When not in use, it turned out it took us at least minutes...: Wonder if we 're ready to start a sublimator in this condition about! The diverter valve 's up would get those connectors up with timing relative to depressurization operations for two full.! Scratching the roof 109:15:29 Aldrin: Yeah, he will leave it inside was your watch, if you to... Conical tipped contact pins in place of hemispherical tipped pins. `` the relative Suit pressure hold! And never done with the electrical checkout reach them. `` ], [ Aldrin - `` think!

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