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The easy, fast & fun way to learn how to sing: Sure there a reason god made each and every one of 'em Peep how a brother's built What you did As long as you love me (I don't know) Who you are (who you are) Where you're from (where you're from) Don't care what you did As long as you love me (yeah) As long as you love me As long as you love me I've tried to hide it so that no one knows But I guess it shows When you look into my eyes What you did and where you're coming from I kick it, as the golden ticket for niggas and bitches Truth hurts, I got a high pain tolerance We're so aligned Done wastin' time, just tell me it's mine Girl, bring them freaky secrets, I want your undivided Show me that you deserve it, drown in your love – Poseidon Follow @genius on Twitter for updates Robert Lavelle "R.L." RL followed up that effort with "Best Man" the super … I know that you gon' get it, you got so much Don't let nobody tell you that's it's over I want you to know that girl You got it, you got it Oh yeah yeah yeah You got it, … I showed you better than him Oh no no no stop playing with me Im highly capable girl so dont try me you know that I been with it yea All of this shit u talking Gon get u married take you to meet my parents Its apparent you think I'm playing And u don't hear what I'm saying So can I come over, come on over Bayeh, come over, come on over, so Baby come over, come over, … Many people know me That's the homie Why you so nosey Real discreet ay Shawty a real freak real freak I know she don't play I bet she skilled with a whole thing I just might catch a last minute flight yeah you know Cause I'm tryna see what you got up under that robe I unsent that DM to send it again Just to make sure that I got her attention 'Cause otherwise you like them other guys who got a couple faces, each and every conversation, tell a couple lies I'll catch you later, I'm off to lose faith trying to get famous [CDATA[ Where almost doesn't count I'm at the counter trying to break a big bill I'm covered in stars, the new moon burns the full moon itches I'll be copping sneaks #Vedo #VedoTheSinger #QueenVibesStream/Buy “For You” Lyrics to 'As Long as U Know' by R.L.. Boy Sand King Solomon The official music video for the song was released on August 1st, 2012. Middle finger to the odd's makers Before you ask me what the name mean, take a walk inside a daydream, venture off to out of way streets But yo the iron can be so unkind #Vedo #Yvette #Inayahlamis #VedoTheSingerBuy & Stream “Yvette” I got you I don't mind You get lost I'll come find you Ride for you I'll do time You gotta look out for you I think that it's time girl I got you You know that I got you It took me so long just to find you yea I knew there was something about you Tell me what that other nigga left Cause I know you best I know your problems I shed dead weight Let the stars fade and fall And I won't care at all As long as I have you Every kiss brings a thrill And I know that it will As long as I have you Let's think of the future Forget the past You're not my first love But you're my last Take the love that I bring Then I'll have everything As long as I have you Let's think of the future … Ain't had a battle ever wasn't won just 'cause it wasn't one-on-one As Long As You Know. And just about to get killed I'm taking me time in the meantime //]]>, Sorry, we have to make sure you're a human before we can show you this page. You're watching the official music video for Fleetwood Mac - "As Long As You Follow" first released on the 1988 album "Greatest Hits". As long as you love me (love me, love me) As long as you love me (love me, love me) As long as you love me We're under pressure, Seven billion people in the world trying to fit in Keep it together, Smile on your face even though your heart is frowning But hey now, you know girl, We both know it's a cruel world But I will take my chances As long as you love me We could be starving, we … Vedo - As Long As You Know (Audio) John McLaughlin and The 4th Dimension: You Know, You Know [Mahavishnu Orchestra] Peppa Pig Song ️ LIVE ️ Nursery Rhymes + Kids Songs. Uh, as long as you know I worship the rain that falls on the grass that you walk on and the sun that shines on it to help it grow so no matter where you are or whatever it is that you go through there's one thing that I think you oughta know I can't wait to get back to you Can't wait to go in my bag for you [Pre-Chorus] It's been way too long, way too long Just make sure you're home, sure you're home You should come and ride my wave Cancel your plans a couple days [Chorus] Girl lets roll one, girl lets pour up We got a vibe, you know what it is Soon as I show up Real nigga you got one As long as you know Girl I got you As long as you know What he won't do, I will I got you if you got me I won't jump ship, if we're at sea With your heart, I'll take my time Huggar (born on April 2, 1977 in Minneapolis, MN) is an African-American R&B singer and songwriter most noted for being the frontman for the R&B group Next.RL first distinguished himself outside of Next with his duet with Deborah Cox on the song "We Can't Be Friends" as well as other feature projects. I've called some timeouts where my hands had made the "T" in time !function(t,e,r){var n,s=t.getElementsByTagName(e)[0],i=/^http:/.test(t.location)? Cause I've been waiting so long know I had to hit a U-turn I'm on my way baby here I come You just know what I been wanting to do But It's been a lot on your mind I had to wait for the right time To come and set the camera up Blow ya back replay so I had to do 100 back to your place Baby you'll get what you deserve tonight aww yeah It's Vedo Baby Sometimes I get lonely Sometimes I get weary I know I stay busy But you're always on my mind Sometimes I be tripping But I've got good intentions Thank God that you're with me Though I act like that I don't need you Truth is Girl you complete me You saw potential in me through it all Yes I got money now If I want it I cop it now But none of this shit really matter if I … You can play 'em if you wanna play 'em I sent you that voicemail Playing your favorite song in the background, background yeah //

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