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Most microwave popcorn makers cost between $10 and $15. Foundation Vintage Style Popcorn Machine. The market was flooded with many of them and become difficult to select durable and reliable for commercial and personal use. Of course, if you’re not avoiding oil for any particular reason, you can always add oil or butter to your air-popped popcorn after it’s been popped. Don’t forget to also check our guide to the best bread machines. It has one of the best success rates around, leaving you with almost zero unpopped kernels for you to fill bags upon bags of popcorn for the whole family, and maybe any lingering neighbors wondering what that glorious popping sound is. Price - While we’re sure all of you are big popcorn fans, or at least knows some big popcorn fans, we also understand not everyone can or wants to pay for more expensive options. Very similar to the Great Northern Popcorn Company’s cheaper option, the Wabash Valley Farms Stovetop Popcorn Popper is a great manually operated device for those who want to feel like they’ve earned the popcorn they munch on throughout the night. Charming conversation-maker for parties that performs and is easy to use. In addition, it comes with a 31-inch long power cord. It has a power rating of 1200W and a voltage range between 220 and 240V. As for serving, you’ll get a useful pull-out tray along with a measuring spoon and cup to make sure everyone gets their fair share. These reviews can help you find the best fit for a convenience store or simply shopping for the best popcorn machine for home theatre use. and give us feedback about your visit today. Popcorn machines with domes and steep walls keep kernels centered on the heating surface, which leaves you with fewer unpopped kernels. Air: The main benefit of air-popped popcorn is that it’s lower in calories, by virtue of containing no oil. A: If you want to add some flavor in your popcorn popper, there are some instances where you can use butter with them, but not all. Whether you have the fondest memories of settling in to a movie with a fresh hot batch or can remember the dancing lights of the fairground waiting in line at the popcorn cart, popcorn holds a place in our hearts. Who doesn’t love popcorn? Understanding this, we looked for a range of popcorn machines that offered different features as varying prices so no matter who has a look at our selection, they will find something for them. This is a standalone popcorn maker – you plug it into the mains, pour your kernels in, and it makes popcorn. It would also make a cool gift for movie lovers. Get exclusive content, advice, and tips from BestReviews delivered to your inbox. This Great Northern Pop Pup Popcorn Machine gives you a full experience of movie theater popcorn at home. Before making your final decision on which popcorn machine is the best one for you and your home, check out these key features so you can be sure you select one that will be a smash hit once you get it home and set up. The wheels seem a bit wobbly, but this minor concern doesn't affect its performance. This small machine can produce 60 grams of popcorn in two minutes. We then choose a shorter list for in-depth research and testing before finalizing our top picks. Expect to pay between $20 and $40 for a home electric popcorn machine. Popcorns are weaved into many of our favorite memories, whether it be standing in the line at a movie theater’s entrance gate and smelling the heavenly flavor of popcorns and warm butter wafting towards you or a family movie night on the big couch with a bucket full of your favorite popcorns. But that was before we tried the Ecolution Original Microwave Micro-Pop Popcorn Popper. Has similar features to other models – three switch options, warmer, and storage bin. Popcorn carts are ideal for fundraising at school fairs or other community events. Or for those who love movie theater popcorn in their own home. Many home electric popcorn machines are air poppers, which pop popcorn using hot air alone. At Glance: Best Popcorn Popper Reviews. Think about how often you’ll use your popcorn machine. Conversely, if you only need a small amount of popcorn, such as for family movie nights, then a smaller capacity machines is more suitable. If you are looking for a well-made popcorn machine by a trusted name, this is the one to buy. Popcorn can also have a nostalgic affect as it takes you back to pleasant memories. Tilt serving door is easy to use and keeps overspill under control. The best popcorn kernels can pop like sorghum, amaranth grain, quinoa, and millet. Some popcorn machines feature a butter well, designed for melting and distributing butter over your popcorn. This petite popcorn maker will work perfectly for small quantities of popcorn. Features attractive silver-plated handrail and serving shelf. The simple plug and pop design is easy to use, and the cord hook means you can store it out of the way comfortably until next time. Home electric popcorn machines are compact, work quickly, and are generally very simple to use. Not very difficult to assemble. Basic compact popcorn machines may only produce four or five cups of popcorn per batch, whereas large commercial models can make three gallons of popcorn or more in a single batch. However, not all popcorn machines have this feature, so check before you buy. High-end, movie theater-quality machine that excels at keeping popcorn warm after popping. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Lighted interior and four-pane case allows for viewing while popping. Prepackaged popcorn can be designed to prepare within a microwave oven. Learn more. It can be reminiscent of times you went to the movie theater or visited a carnival or the county fair. The suction lid keeps the popcorn from overflowing, and when you’re finished, the bowl collapses for you to easily keep it in a drawer or cupboard without taking up too much room. This is a great kitchen gadget you will want to own. It's challenging to assemble and doesn't feel as sturdy as some other popcorn machines. It doesn’t have as large of a capacity as the Roosevelt, but you’ll still get 5 quarts of popcorn in a minute, so there’s always that. Check out our review of the best smart kitchen gadgets for our top picks. Large, portable popcorn machine carts are seemingly all the rage for those who have home theaters. It delivers hot, delicious popcorn in less than 3 minutes, and the dishwasher safe parts save you with worrying about doing the washing up after you’ve scarfed down your third bowl in 45 minutes. They are ideal for serving popcorn to guests at parties. Popcorn Machine, CCP510BK Vintage Popcorn Cart-New 8-Ounce Kettle, 82515 Theater Style Popper Machine Nonstick Kettle, PC25RW 2.5 oz Popcorn & Concessions Cart, 10 Cups, Movie Night Popcorn Popper Machine With Cart, Vintage 10-Ounce Popcorn & Concessions Cart, Vintage Tabletop 10 Cup Kettle Popcorn Maker, 6072 Little Bambino Table Top Retro Popcorn Popper, EPM-250 Tabletop Kettle Popcorn Popper Machine, 6131 Red All Star GNP-450 Classic Popcorn Machine, Old-Fashioned Movie Theater Style Popcorn Popper, 8 oz. This popper is the most ideal first step you need to take you away from microwave popcorn, and pops the kernels a respectable 30% faster than what you’re used to, so there’ll be no more waiting around impatiently waiting for the ding. However, the exteriors of other popcorn machines can get very hot, which means you should exercise caution during use. Popcorn is a very popular snack. Has a roomy concession compartment with interior light. Despite this, it’s still a great option and would make a great gift for kids. However, it shouldn’t be so simple it lacks the quality you expect. BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. Popcorn machines vary from compact microwave models to large commercial popcorn carts. Another example of the wonders of the past, the Great Northern Popcorn Company Pop Pup Retro Style Popper is compact but effective and delivers a fantastic, mouth-watering popcorn to your mouth in just 4 minutes. The Lekue Microwave Popcorn Popper/Maker is a simple and easy-to-use option that’s completely no-nonsense and hassle-free while still delivering quality performance you’d expect of much larger and more expensive products. Owning your own popcorn machine will save you money. Reviews - Reading reviews from fellow popcorn lovers helped us see aspects of the products we might have missed or not experienced. The larger the capacity, the more you can make and stuff yourself with at any one time. There’s also a vented cover to prevent damp and moist popcorn, and this also doubles as a serving bowl for your friends, family, and guests to dig their pining mitts in while it’s still hot. You can choose to add oil before or after popping, but you can also keep your popcorn oil-free if you prefer. Keep in … While most of the reviews were positive, we also looked at the less-than-positive reviews to understand what went wrong and whether there were any issues that kept cropping up, other than the reviewers simply feeling like they can have a moan. Most home models only have an on/off switch. Shop Product Reviews 3 Best Popcorn Machines, Tested by Food Network Kitchen. Top Ten Reviews is supported by its audience. Easy Setup and Cleanup - No one wants to struggle with a product that’s difficult to use, so a machine that’s as simple to use as possible is ideal. On the larger side, so you'll need to make room for it, or purchase a separate stand. They produce the best and most delicious popcorn around with no burned kernels and without the extortionate, obscene prices you’ll pay at the movie theater all to be enjoyed in front of your brand new home cinema with friends and family. Official Top 5 Review Team June 23, 2020 . One of the key features of commercial countertop popcorn machines is their large capacity. An easy to clean machine should also be a priority to help maintain performance. The motorized stirring rod means you need not wait by the pan until it’s finished (although that doesn’t take long anyway), and the heat-resistant materials ensure safety when handling. Dishwasher safe options would be ideal, but not all machines are capable of this. Our Top 10 Popcorn Makers Reviews . So before you invest in something that is overpriced and won’t do the job you want, here are a few options to consider to … A popcorn popper machine can be bought for individuals to use in their home. This unit features tempered glass panels and durable stainless steel construction. Just measure out the kernels using the lid (explained in the instructions) and pop it in the microwave. Will my popcorn machine get hot to the touch?A. A value-priced machine with handy features, including three control positions, base storage area, plenty of power, and quiet popping action. These are small countertop models designed for home use. Popcorn Maker Reviews. For an excellent experience, popcorn can be an excellent snack. Save Saved Removed 0. Here at Gear Hungry, we love popcorn (in case you couldn’t already tell), and along with enjoying the best popcorn we’ve had in years, we also took a long look at these 2 essential factors to help us narrow down our selection to the top 10 you see above. 10-Hot and Fresh Countertop Style Popcorn Popper Machines; 9-6092 Great Northern Popcorn Black Antique Style Popcorn Popper Machines; 8-West Bend 82505 Stir Crazy Electric Hot Oil Popcorn Popper Machines; 7-AICOOK Electric Hot Oil Popcorn Popper Machines; 6-1200W Popcorn Maker, Popcorn Machines Our final pick is also our choice for the best popcorn machine if you’re looking for great value. When it’s popcorn time, nobody wants to wait around for their snack. It’s also available in six colors, so you can choose the one that best suits your kitchen design. Coming in at third on our list of commercial popcorn machine reviews is the Paragon Professional Series 4 Ounce Popcorn Machine. This allows for more even distribution of flavor and means your popcorn is ready to eat right away. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty and has a maximum capacity of 8 ounces. It will never live up to your expectations. Packaged with scoops, containers, and popcorn bags. However, you can also find more traditional models that use oil. Let’s learn about each product’s pros, cons, and specifications! This product guide was written by GearHungry Staff, Presto 04820 PopLite Hot Air Popper Popcorn Machine, Great Northern Popcorn Company Original Stove Top Popper, West Bend Stir Crazy Electric Popcorn Popper, Wabash Valley Farms Stovetop Popcorn Popper, Great Northern Popcorn Company Pop Pup Retro Style Popper, Ecolution Original Microwave Micro-Pop Popcorn Popper, West Bend 82505 Stir Crazy Electric Hot Oil Popcorn Popper, I confirm I wish to sign up to the Gear Hungry mailing list, Popcorn Machine Frequently Asked Questions. Who said microwave popcorn can’t live up to movie theatre standards? It’s easier to use a popcorn machine than to make popcorn on the stovetop, plus you’re much less likely to burn it. Commercial models may have a few switches – to start a batch of popcorn and to turn the light and heater on and off – but should still be easy to operate. Actually, we said that. The stirring mechanism, while not automated, is awesome for producing top-quality popcorn with no burned bits, giving you greater value for money with every round. Otherwise bacteria could build up and contaminate your next batch. Popcorn Maker Machine by Paramount - New 8oz Capacity Hot-Oil Popper; The Paramount - New 8oz Capacity Hot-Oil Popper is an amazing machine. For those who love popcorn most nights a week, the aluminum design is durable enough to withstand repeated use, meaning your house will never lose that saliva-inspiring popcorn smell, just like you get at the movies. Here are some of the best popcorn machines available on the market. At less than $20 and a 6-quart capacity, the West Bend Stir Crazy Electric Popcorn Popper is one of the best pop for your buck options available for single dudes, popcorn-loving couples, and small families. It’s important that you keep your popcorn maker clean. It’s also safe to hold and handle, with stay-cool wooden handles excelling in protecting users from nasty burns. This popper is the most ideal first step you need to take you away from microwave popcorn, and pops the kernels a respectable 30% faster than what you’re used to, so there’ll be no more waiting around impatiently waiting for the ding. If not, you must melt the butter yourself and add after it makes the popcorn. Popcorn is a delicious snack that is universally loved by people worldwide. Please take our 3-minute survey, Also, it has a rotational and detachable hot-oil kettle. To ensure proper operation, check that the kernels you buy are suitable for the machine. A stainless steel kettle pops the corn, which can then be inverted into a removable serving tray (which is dishwasher safe). The plate is non-stick, so it’s easy to clean when you’re finished. As clear mention in our site Commercial Popcorn Machine Review about the which product is best as per your budget. The Hamilton Beach Popcorn Popper-Hot Oil produces a substantial 24 cup with every batch to ensure you never run out of popcorn ever again. This machine has … Best Popcorn Makers Buyer’s Guide These are the products we considered that ultimately didn't make our top 5. It turned out that the Ariete 2952 model is the most popular. Popcorn kernels are very inexpensive and go a long way, especially when compared to microwave and ready-made popcorn. Commercial countertop popcorn machines start at around $70 for smaller models, but they can cost up to $200. This is a great feature to have if your children will want to help make popcorn, as you don’t have to worry about burns or scalding. Silicone lid measures kernels and melts butter. Popcorn Cart Machine Reviews. They also make eye-catching focal points for any home theater. However, like the Presto, some unpopped kernels might fly out of the chute, but if you’ve got someone in your house who loves them more than the popped corn itself, you’re onto a winner. Great Northern Popcorn Machine9. Besides, the Aicok Hot Air Popcorn Maker features a non-stick coating and as a result, it can be cleaned easily. Time to Pop - Popcorn machines are fast-working as it is, and you usually get results within 5 minutes at the most. Links to the best popcorn poppers we listed in today's popcorn popper review video: 1. You will find small kitchen appliances for swallowing corn. However, people also buy commercial countertop popcorn machines for home use. We searched for the best popcorn machine in 2019. At around £100, this popcorn machine is relatively expensive, although still not pricey enough to truly damage your bank account. Great Northern Popcorn Popper8. This machine is worth considering if you lack space, but it comes with some quality concerns. Making popcorn on the stovetop can lead to burnt corn and unpopped kernels, while instant microwave popcorn is often too greasy. However, you cannot put microwave popcorn in a hot air popper, as the ready-made grease and salt will affect the mechanics and damage it. If you’re ready to purchase a popcorn machine, check out our top recommendations. For those not all about spending too much on a full-blown machine, the Great Northern Popcorn Company Original Stove Top Popper comes from the same company and won’t take up space in your kitchen. The stovetop design is easy to use and safe, with wooden knobs and handles to protect you and too-eager popcorn fanatics from burning their fingers. It has a high speed of producing 18 cups of popcorns just within 2 and 1/2 minutes. Of course, the ergonomic handle stays completely cool, so it’s easy to pull out of the microwave when you’re ready. Best Electric Crepe Maker in 2020 – Comparison, Guide and Reviews. A: Do not put any salt in your popcorn machine as it will clog together and ruin the machine, making it unusable and maybe causing a fire.

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