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Walk Search    If he had fallen to the left, that would almost certainly have been his lot, and he was very lucky not to have bounced over the path which ended his fall. I take my hat off to the brave souls that can do either ridge from the top down with heavy packs and 50-60 mph wind gusts on a wet or icy day. This technique is also known as orgasm control. Do not attempt it if the weather is bad at all, and in fact for the first time I'd suggest go when there are plenty of others about so you can see hopefully a few who have done it before and can keep you right. It’s a rocky ridge ranging from a metre in width down to half a meter at times. Scafell Pike is the highest point and Scafell is a close second. My wife and I completed Striding Edge yesterday in near perfect conditions (a breadth of wind and good, sometimes excellent, visibility - we were not going to attempt it if windy and to echo other comments would not recommend anyone who is unsure from doing so if windy) It is certainly an exhilarating and challenging ascent of wonderful Hellvelyn with the return leg via Swirral Edge and then over Birkhouse Moor down to Lanty's Tarn an exceptional descent (apparently one of Wainwright's favourite 18 walks). Your Stories    I coped OK with the knife edge but did not like the descent between the edge and Helvellyn proper (I think this might be called Kilnshaw Chimney). Striding Edge is one of the two famous narrow scrambling ridges on Helvellyn, the other being Swirral Edge. Next: 8 Hikes That Are Easier Than Everest Base Camp But Still Challenging Perhaps it wasn't the most sensible thing to go alone, but I picked a Sunday, when there's always other climbers about, with light winds and a dry weather forecast. Hi, we've never done any technical climbing and we managed ok, even without poles. Map updates are paused. The descent at the end of the edge (the chimney) was more of a challenge with all three of us using different routes down. And definitely pick good weather - the mountain will still be there next time if you don't make it this time! Then it was back to Park Foot for the boys to talk to their new found fiends about their adventure and injuries which had everyone's full attention :). A. That was one of the best walks I have ever done, also including Crib-y-Ddysgl and Yr Wyddfa summit, and then descending to Rhyd-Du. Log On/Accounts    Both the dog and myself found it fairly easy although I was told I would have to climb down about 5 minutes from the end because he would not manage the "pillarbox". His clothes were in shreds. A. I only got into walking a couple of years ago as I'm pursuing my ML (Mountain Leader) qualification. A. Camping    I'm scared of heights. He is a well behaved dog, and will happily stick to the paths on command. The "chimney" was not as big an issue as we have been led to believe. I was sweaty and short of breath. Striding Edge. Do not attempt it if the weather is bad at all, and in fact for the first time I'd suggest go when there are plenty of others about so you can see hopefully a few who have done it before and can keep you right. For help see Help. Personally I would make sure that there are no dogs on the track either, they can add to your difficulty if they are loose. To contribute to or to contact us about anything at all - see Talk To Us. up the Chimney, I would probably be OK. A. I've just returned from my trip and we didn't do Helvellyn at all, it was still quite snowy with the possibility of ice too - maybe another time. A. Hi there, I have been to the top of Helvellyn 19 times, 13 of these by the way of Striding Edge and Swirral Edge in both lovely summer conditions and full winter conditions. Low cloud prevented an air ambulance from landing, but a RAF Sea King … I would also point out that the first time I did these ridges I was a little nervous as I was an inexperienced fell walker with only about 3 months walking under my belt, but once I got to the summit cairn all fear left me and have been doing the edges ever since. Q. I'm going to the lakes over Easter and I'm sure we'll be tackling some meaty walks. All rights reserved. All three days were dry but the second and third had some mist. Walk Ideas and Collections    However, about 10 meters down there is a passage that requires that you walk down a 45+ degree incline of wet rock about 1 foot from the edge with a several hundred meter drop if your feet slipped. Striding Edge and Sharp Edge are two of the most notorious routes in the Lake District and, having completed both of them, I’ve been asked what the difference is between them, so here goes. What is the best time to start the British 3 Peaks challenge. Copyright | Terms & Conditions | Privacy Statement, A - Z    Bristley ridge is good on the Glyders as its not too long and gives you a good start to some of the more hairier ones such as Crib Goch [Snowdon] and Sharp Edge [Blencathra]. Have done lots of ridges, Striding Edge [Helvellyn] in full winter via Swirral [Edge] is what i would call hard and dangerous as you are quite exposed and a slip would be fatal. The traverse of the edge is relatively easy in normal conditions and can be made easier by following the path that exists alongside and lower than the main arête. It was a wet, windy day with wind gusts of 50-60 mph on the top of Helvellyn and we were carrying heavy packs. I do not have a fear of heights i might add. Walking Gear Guides    We were gone 7 hours total which included lunch and photo stops, and none of it was difficult. Care should be exercised when there is a high wind or ice as this is a very exposed ridge – a fall from here would be fatal. Talk to us    The final ascent was easy and not scary at all. Peak Bagging    I get height induced vertigo on paths near edges! See Help > FAQs - Logging On for details on how to enable cookies in your browser. Striding Edge – a photo diary of Lake District fell walks. Safe if you keep alert and take it really slowly. But then so you could be on any other mountain! As one story here illustrates, if you fall, you'll usually have a lower path or rock to stop your fall. Something weird about me is that when the scrambling starts I get faster and start enjoying myself. Remember this is a walk/scramble and not a rock climb, just concentrate throughout and you will be fine. I could not find the courage to get closer than 5 feet from the edge. Let’s kick off with Striding Edge. Depends on the weather, not sensible to attempt in bad weather if not experienced scramblers.. no equipment or prior experience necessary in good weather - just a sensible, slow and careful approach and you will need to use your hands on some sections (hence scrambling). The main thing about walking these edges is to take your time. Just a wimpy counter to the many "it's easy" viewpoints! After looking at the pictures I phoned to ask if, as I was taking my dog with me, would it be suitable for a dog. A. I climbed up Helvellyn last summer. We're experienced hikers, but haven't done any technical climbing before. Striding edge, probably the most infamous scramble in the British Isles. A guide who knows the route can help keep you safe as well as sharing a host of useful tips with you. Add to this that in my home town London we don't do much hill-walking, preferring to take the lift up The Shard for our views. Hi Christine. see all questions about Mountains and Hills, Can't find something? It runs to the east of the mountain called Helvellyn, one of the highest mountains in England, and particularly in bad weather, one of the most dangerous. It offers a little scramble down a ridge that links Helvellyn with Catstye Cam, and has great views over Red Tarn to Striding Edge. If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu. We have to live with not knowing how long this edge walk will take, and when we’ll come off it. Down stone steps to Grisedale Beck and a pleasant downhill through the valley with lovely views along Ullswater. Peaks and Mountains    Helvellyn is the third-highest point in England. Even the memorial plaque did not faze me. Best of luck. The most technically difficult section of Striding Edge is the scrambly descent known as ‘The Chimney’, which sneakily ambushes walkers just below Helvellyn’s summit. A classic Grade-1 scramble, it is suitable for intermediate hikers and a perfect opportunity for those looking to try scrambling for the first time. It was my first time on Helvellyn and I loved it! Walks    If the leaders (on the 1974 and 1981 occasions they were from Forest Side CHA Centre, Grasmere) could do the walk in the opposite direction, i.e. We saw lots of people walking fine along Striders Edge. I have a pretty good head for heights, although I'm not a climber. I've seen kids under 10 doing striding edge. Lots of answers here to help you decide whether you're personally up to Striding Edge or not. The route included walking along Striding Edge. It took me just over 6 hours from Glenridding, up and back, about an hour longer than I thought it would. I am fit and flexible however I found myself trembling at the top and seriously wandering what i could do! Striding Edge in all it's glory. The weather was literally perfect, sun was shining enough to require sun cream but there was a light cool breeze which didn't change much as we made the long slog to the Hole in the Wall powered by Capri-Sun and dairy milk. A. I should have added the following to my previous comment. Striding Edge is the photo diary of Sean McMahon’s fell walks, capturing the beauty and moods of the wonderful Cumbrian landscape. ° How much it cost to download the 59 walks that climb all 214 Wainwrights? There is a … Striding Edge is exactly what it sounds like. function myFunction() { I haven't done Striders Edge but my husband has. One of the most famous walks in England is along a high ridge in the Lake District called Striding Edge. With sharp edge - as long as you take your time and the rocks aren't wet/slippy or icy - then it's not really difficult. The lodge is all ground floor and sleeps six people in three bedrooms - one double, one room with adult bunks and one twin with 2'6" beds. I do not have a fear of heights i might add. A. I found the descent down to Swirral Edge more tricky. I wish to climb Helvellyn on 5th Apr. Like another post above read; better to turn around and walk another day than to push on and not - or something like that :). Again the math part of my brain said this is not wise. The other one was Crib Goch on Snowdon in 1985. A jelly-legged walker on Striding Edge too frightened to move is a danger to themselves and everyone else up there. For me, the most difficult part of the climb was after the ridge, on the last drag up to the summit plateau; is that called the headwall? A. As far as technical ability, I would say if you have respect then you will have no problem. Jialihua Guest House Hotels in Lake District. Now, striding edge, I LOVED IT, my boyfriend however liked it, but he his anxiety was through the roof, it is dangerous, it is narrow, you do have to lower and pull you self up and down at times. Then, just as you think you have finished there is another step to scramble up - whilst this is a steep scramble it is relatively straightforward as there are plenty of hand/feet holds and you should aim for the peak...your instinct is to stay either one side or other but head for the top as there is a clear route once there. He persuaded me to come. var x = document.getElementById('password'); Home    Any craggy bit would do, just make sure your hand and footholds are secure. I like to give things a go but don't want to over-reach myself. We ascended back to Glenridding via the YHA/Greenside road path which was easy. Since striding edge I have gone on to do bristly ridge which in parts I found far more difficult to climb. Famous Striding Edge, running east from Helvellyn, is an unforgettably exciting knife-sharp serrated ridge which requires some scrambling and claims a life a year, very exposed in places but not that dangerous in reasonable weather. Or rather, I am scared of falling from heights. You don't know your limits until you push them! On the third occasion I had an argument with the leader who lacked patience with people who were not as good as he was. Striding edge should not be sniffed at and I imagine for experienced climbers/walkers is very doable but most definitely not for everyone. Why not simply take the alternative route detailed in walk. I didn't think it was advisable to try climbing through snow with ordinary walking boots. If you are at all unsure or haven't got a good head for heights but still want to do it, then I would recommend going with an someone who is experienced if at all possible. ° What is the best time to start the British 3 Peaks challenge, . Never as narrow and scary as Crib Goch, but properly ridge-shaped and atmospheric particularly if you eschew the side path and stick to the crest of the ridge. I did helvellyn via striding edge and swirrel edge a couple of summers ago - it was my first 'edge' walk. I was told, yes, a dog would manage fine. To close this message click anywhere outside this window, • Questions & Answers about Walking & Hiking. Now read on for the exciting and nearly tragic bit. I was going along fine when I heard a cry and turned to see one of our small group literally bouncing off rocks as he fell. For me I found it slightly disappointing as I would liked the edge to have been longer. . Zoom in to see updated info. The first time in January 2013 (a mild winter, no ice, relentless drizzle) I took the path which is not along the very top (there is a "wimps way" but do not forget, you still have a big drop on one side of you!) We have a reasonable sense of heights but it is the exposure that might get you. Hill Skills    It looked like one would have to walk off a cliff to do it. Trust me this is well worth doing but if your first time, as I said, try in good conditions only. I reckon it's more satisfying this way round, and, as someone else said, it's definitely easier tackling the step on Striding Edge this way. Be in no doubt, Striding Edge - see Walks. Copyright © 2000-2021 TMDH Limited. Safe if you keep alert and take it really slowly. With the wind easily moving the top of my body a foot or so in either direction as it shifted, something from the math side of my brain told me that I would be within 6 inches or so of losing my life. This narrow ridge has a reputation of being scary and difficult. I also thought I was fit from a running habit, but my quads gave up a mile short of the car park. We went out onto to the rocky top of Striding Edge. A. I've been across Striding Edge many times in just about every weather condition. A. I've been hiking in the LakeDistrict for 5 years now. Let's be reaslustic, you'll be in injured! The first was Sharp Edge on Blencathra in 1972, in a howling gale. I'd rate them the same as you've listed them. Not a place to be in winter without experience and suitable equipment. “Most of the accidents occur in winter, when Helvellyn becomes a full-blown mountaineering adventure.” Every year, mountain rescue volunteers are called out to dozens of accidents on this ridge and Swirral Edge, its neighbour to the north. My answer to your question is, unless it is a very wet or windy day, Striding Edge is not really too scary but provides a great sense of achievement. If it is your first time on Striding Edge make sure that the weather is going to be good. We then tried Swirrall Edge where we witnessed a group of teenagers walk down with seeming ease. Cookies must be enabled for you to Log On successfully. Grib Goch has a much higher sense of exposure, avoid it in high winds (grade 1) Have to agree with what Brandywell has already said! Better a wasted days hiking than a wasted life! My father suffers from a fear of heights - he gets dodgy feelings on the edge of a curb - but my advice to him and anyone else struggling with this kind of walk would be; take your time and go at your own pace, go with someone who is experienced in walking the route previously, allow plenty of time during the day for the walk (nothing worse than getting caught out by the setting sun if you've had to take it slowly during the day) and finally, don't feel embarrassed, ashamed or weak if you have to turn around. and meet the rest of your party on the summit of Helvellyn? Even the path down from Angle Tarn, a popular route, has made me twitch. if (x.type === 'password') { Not a place to be if you have to contend with high wind, rain etc. Do the descent via Esk Hause and Ruddy Gill and on the way down go over Great End - it's great exposed mountain scenery, check out the drop off down to Sprinkling Tarn! It will depend on the route that you choose. I'm not great with heights and all the pictures I've seen of this ridge look rather thin and precarious. The problem with striding edge is its popularity. We are also responsible owners, and have him on … I was going with an organised group. Myself and my 7 and 8 year old son's have just returned from two nights camping at Park Foot in Pooley Bridge (May spring bank holiday 2016), the campsite was perfect, plenty of other kids for them to make friends with and games going on, Saturday morning at 8am we left the flip flop campers to it and drove to Glenridding, as we early we had no problem parking on the roadside just past the Travellers Rest pub close to Gillside Farm campsite. You get so many twats doing it in fancy dress for charity having never set foot on a hill before or you get your Julia Bradbury fucknuts who have a copy of a wainwright book and no idea. Anyone attempting to walk along it must have a good head for heights and be sure footed. You will be sitting, on all fours, moving one step at a time etc. For those who have never walked Striding Edge - there are quite a few routes along - which you can choose from at any point along the way depending on how challenging you want it to be. I will try and upload some pics if I can to this blog, or provide a link to them. I am not one of them. I didn't find Striding Edge intimidating at all, but then I've a reasonable head for heights. We got to the chimney via the ridge and I went first, the boys were at this point a little nervous but in my opinion this was where they gained some real experience, they had to concentrate at a level on a par with a tense game of Minecraft on the IPad. This was our first time up Helvellyn. I have done the striding edge route to helvellyn twice now. The 10 most recent questions about Mountains and Hills . 3. . Striding Edge Deaths & Injuries. Helen. Then the final scramble up to the summit which your adrenaline will see you fly up! You can go right over the ridge on the top - or there are easier routes along the side. Alongside the main ridge there is a path running parallel – a get out clause if things get too scary. Pick a day with no wind. I was disappointed not to have been able to continue, but this experience shows that Striding Edge really is a dangerous place. A. OK striding edge can b tricky but the best advice I can give is to concentrate on were u put your feet and stop walking when you want to have a look friends love doing it but you need a decent day to many come to the lakes and ignore conditions. Been wanting to do Striding Edge for ages and finally got to do it this Summer with my partner and must say we found it very unnerving and not at all enjoyable - until we were safely off it. Most English mountains are relatively safe, but that’s one of the ones that isn’t. This one was very enjoyable, and I was happier on this than on Kilnshaw chimney on Striding Edge (see my previous note). For help logging on, see Help > FAQs > Logging On. No major problems on Striding, we did a combination of ridge and escape path although to be honest the escape path is not always obvious and you often find yourself on the ridge anyway. A. I have walked along Striding Edge 3 times, in August 1973, June 1974 and September 1981. Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team was called out on Sunday after a man fell more than 650ft from the ridge leading to England’s third highest mountain. My advice for anybody considering this fantastic ridge walk is simple, don't listen to the stories of doom and don't google "Striding Edge Falls", instead try and plan for a dry, clear day and don't be afraid of cancelling at the last minute or turning back, there is a nice circular option from the Hole in the Wall taking you close to Red Tarn with excellent views of both ridges and Helvellyn, you could always bag Catstycam (can't miss it, on the right as you look at Helvellyn from Red Tarn) which is impressive in itself. I learned some lessons that day; don't go alone, make sure someone knows your intended route and timing, and now I'm over 70, do a few practice climbs before attempting a big one. We did have a tremendous walk up Great Gable though, and I was proud of my scrambling up Sourmilk Gill and to the summit (past Windy Gap). He was very fortunate in that he fell to the right side and his fall was broken by the path a little lower down. I was told to climb down backwards, but don't like this as I do not balance well. Then we walked the entire summit slope down past Dollywaggon, which gives you phenomenal views across to the West for a good hour. The tricky bit comes at the at the end of the ridge. However, it can be dangerous and care is required. Pick a clear day with no rain and you can always take the lower route or (and this advice goes for everybody) be prepared to say no and turn back. The whole of Helvellyn, above the conifer plantations to the west and the intake walls surrounding the valleys of Glenridding and Grisedale to the east, is Open Access land. Free example walks, See/Show Password The consequences of a slip going up the tourist path on Skiddaw are very different to a similar slip on Sharp Edge. The path disappears into the rocks at some points and you have to kind of make your own route through, some of which involves lowering yourself down through waist height crevices. If you can, find someone who has done it before to go with - it's much better for your confidence if you've got someone who can talk you over the trickier bits. Get quick answers from Helvellyn staff and past visitors. It’s a seven-metre rock tower that necessitates an awkward down climb - although nothing that most walkers can’t easily tackle. He agrees with the last reply in that it seems okay, narrow in places, but reasonably good to walk with no climbing required. A. } Also, Catbells would be a good one - it's a low fell that has a ridge you follow all the way to the top, sometimes quite steep. Just how scary is it? . Good luck! Yes, if you have a head for heights and are sure-footed you will enjoy the Edge as I was doing, but it is not the walk in the park that some make out. We actually descended Sharp Edge, and I remember it was very tricky, but we all survived unscathed. Help    The top of Catstycam is a lovely spot to visit on your way up. A video from my recent trip to the Lake District. Striding edge should not be sniffed at and I imagine for experienced climbers/walkers is very doable but most definitely not for everyone. I felt that a walk that people describe as 'not that bad, really' was not something I wanted to do. } else { Fell Facts    He was bleeding from a number of cuts including a head wound. I wouldn't like to do this in the wet and fair play to those in the snow! In our life just now, we feel that choice to take the safe route away from the dangerous edge has been taken from us, so we have no option but to walk it. I did a lot of it backwards, face to the mountain; I was more confident using my hands as well as my feet. It was dryish but gusty so we mostly took the lower path - but this wasn't as straightforward as we thought it would be as there appeared to be a number of different routes to pick, each still only one slip from disaster, and we still had plenty of scrambling to do. Striding Edge is only rated as 0.5 scrambling grade, Sharp Edge is much shorter arete and can be slippery in wet conditions (grade 1). Finally, try to go on a day when there aren't too many other people - a big part of why people get freaked out is feeling rushed by people behind. We ascended via striding edge and descended Swirral. }. his legs were OK but oviously a head wound cannot be laughed off so our guide aborted the route and we went down the way we came to where the ambulance was waiting at Glenridding. Have done lots of ridges, Striding Edge [Helvellyn] in full winter via Swirral [Edge] is what i would call hard and dangerous as you are quite exposed and a slip would be fatal. The dog has been fine on all of these. Helvellyn matches Scafell Pike for popularity among hikers: it’s estimated that o… The consequences of such a mistake are then dependent upon where you are, which is why some mountains are more dangerous than others. The man suffered head injuries in the fall from Striding Edge on Helvellyn. Swirral was FAR easier but more exposed, the path is getting quite eroded in parts and I suspect that in a few years time it will be quite precarious in some places. . How much it cost to download the 59 walks that climb all 214 Wainwrights? It strikes fear into the hearts of even the most weathered fell walker and is not without it’s legends and tragedies. Despite what you may have heard, edging isn't bad for you. I'm 51. The hardest bit of the hike for me was the steep slog up towards the ridge. That took 3 hours and only one part was tiringly steep. Well worth the challenge! Have safe fun in the fells guys!

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