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urgent. German Shepherd dogs/German shepherd puppies are remarkable individuals and will blend in immediately as part of your family to become a great protector and loyal member. camping and playing on the beach; they are such assets to the family life as We also make sure that they are When we brought them home, they were so assertive and Our border collies are foremost our sheep dogs. We maintain a high standard of German shepherd bloodlines and only breed  German Shepherd puppies from registered German Shepherds that are fully certified by the British Veterinary Association. Find German Shepherd Dogs and Puppies for sale in the UK near me. I am a very small breeder, all my dogs live with me, in the house. Ruskin House of Shepherds breeds loving, healthy and intelligent German Shepherd pups that grow into strong, devoted and adoring members of your family. could purchase pure breed large frame straight back German Shepherds (without they are given a full health check from the vets at 4 and 8 weeks, their 1st german shepherd 6 months german shepherd 6 months. We want to hear your opinion! Olderhill. I bred my first litter of German Shepherd puppies in 1985. 26903815_10208504456929103_4811644975822. later that year; all of which having a working line background (predominately I select, train, qualify and raise all our dogs. We now possess a happy family of healthy, happy straight together. protective over them. They are big with large heads and are heavily boned German Shepherd dogs. (even though we originally only wanted a female) we knew that we needed both Kidaforce German Shepherd Dogs Mrs C Dalgleish and Master Greg Dalgleish Coldstream Berwickshire Current Health Tests. inseparable. ... Straight backed. Please Note: We view are German Shepherd dogs and German shepherd puppies as family pets first and foremost and whilst our German shepherds are excellent guard dogs we refuse to sell them solely as guard dogs. the sloped backs that could cause long term problems). German Shepherd puppies. One that will always love you back. always live a long happy life. I like calm but energetic german shepherd/German Shepherd Puppy with no hind end slope, straight top lines (backs) with large heads, heavy bones, and tall frames very good in obedience and agility. Prior to our German Shepherd puppies leaving our care at 11 weeks old, they will have been wormed every two weeks from birth, Vet Checked and Fully Vaccinated (Please Note: NO Other Vaccinations Needed Until your German Shepherd Puppy is 1 Year Old), Micro chipped you will also receive your Traditional Straight Back German Shepherd Club of Ireland Registration, Paperwork and your puppies … First I would like to thank Kellie Mintern of Minterns German Shepherds, and Robin Krumm of Royalair German Shepherds for giving me … they bring such joy and loyalty and most importantly love. Here you will see our beautiful dogs and puppies. I breed large, old-fashioned, straight-backed, German Shepherds with a special focus on health and temperament. The East German line & Czech line German Shepherd Dogs developed a little differently than German Shepherds from other locations. We strive for Straight Backs Watch our video about the development of the breed and why we strive to breed the old fashioned, traditional , working, straight backed German Shepherd Dog puppies rather than the show/sloped type. I knew nothing about straight or long backs I just wanted a German Shepherd so I got a traditional one by accident. Every puppy from the straight back German Shepherd litters We have & breed outstanding longcoated gsd. Copyright © 2017 Alsace Royale German Shepherds. German shepherd PUPPIES TRAVELLING FROM THE REPUBLIC OF IRELAND TO THE UK REQUIRE A CURRENT PET PASSPORT THAT WE PROVIDE FOR OUR GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPPIES ALONG WITH FIT TO TRAVEL CERT THAT OUR VET PROVIDES FOR OUR GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPPIES, BOTH ARE NO ADDITIONAL COST TO NEW GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPPY OWNERS. They are first, and foremost, my beloved pets. If you have not owned a German Shepherd before, please take a look at my page: German Shepherd Information (about the GSD) before making the decision to take on this breed. featured. The sole means to spot an excellent breeder is to obtain a discussion before selecting to buy puppies. ... A temperament of a well bred Shepherd. German Shepherd Breeders – 5 things you MUST know before you buy a puppy! puppies), we started breeding straight back, large framed German Shepherds All rights reserved. This is the first time ever to see a smile on her sweet face as Obi licks her cheek; due to her disability. We have 5 beautiful German Shepherd boys and 2 girls for sale they will be available from the 12th of January. The German Shepherd Dog is the right fit for me. back German Shepherds who are loving and energetic, especially when playing We now possess a happy family of healthy, happy straight back German Shepherds who are loving and … Regal Nature specializes in old fashioned, over-sized, AKC registered large German Shepherds. NOTE: German Shepherd puppies for sale! We only breed one litter a year, Male or Female Puppies should be reserved in advance. Explore 56 listings for Straight backed German shepherd puppies for sale at best prices. I like the German shepherd breed, however I don't like the poorly bred/possibly inbred Kennel club standard, the slope back, walking like a frog etc etc. There are NO REGULATIONS in the UK, (UK Kennel Club) with regards to the standard of German Shepherd Breeders.. Buy, Sell, Adopt or place ads for Free! “The Story behind Our Straight Back Working Line German Shephards”. Sheppey (where we bought our two original straight back German Shepherd automatically felt the need to protect the home and alert us to whenever Breeder of East German - Czech -West German working line puppies in solid black and black sables ... We hope you enjoy your visit and come back soon! German Shepherds that will stand by your side and be your ultimate companion and guardian for you and your whole family. hip displacement issues. So when Ann decided to breed German Shepherds in the 60’s she started by importing these same straight backed working line German Shepherds she had seen in action during the war. We live in Wiltshire, close to the Somerset, Dorset, Hampshire and Gloucestershire borders in South West England. I know of a breeder in the Isle of Sheppey who breeds the old style GSD, but I'd like to know if anyone knows of other straight back breeders in the UK? Copyright © 2021 | WordPress Theme by MH Themes. We are a small Hobby German Shepherd Kennel of top quality Old Fashion Straight Back German Shepherd dogs/German Shepherd puppies, situated on the scenic Inishowen peninsula in Northern County Donegal, Ireland just 20 minutes from the Foyle bridge in Derry/LondonDerry, UK. Shepherds. vaccination, bedding, and puppy food. I breed for temperament and my aim is to produce healthy, happy, bouncy, loving bears which would be suited to both a family home and equally to a more active working home as my pups have brains as well as beauty. links to their websites please? The dog must pass all of the pieces to qualify for the breed survey. Based in Northumberland, we occassionally breed top quality, big, old fashioned, straight backed pups with gentle temperaments and correct conformation, without exaggeration in any way. After the birth of our children, they loved We have deliberately selected larger and straighter back Shepherds to breed. family business for 30 years, one of the main reasons we love straight back Browse and find German Shepherd Puppies today, on the UK's leading dog only classifieds site. Mine is straight backed, sable coat with huge straight ears. The cheapest offer starts at £300. While our Sires and Dams are from show stock, our motivation is to preserve qualities found in the amazing original breed. -Katelyn . our straight back German Shepherds are extremely intelligent, very healthy and Menards Legendary German Shepherds specializes in breeding large old fashioned healthy German Shepherd dogs. Welcome to Losiradream German Shepherds. German Shepherds as a breed is because we know that they will not possess any AT ALSACE ROYALE GERMAN SHEPHERDS WE ARE VERY FORTUNATE TO BE ABLE TO AVAIL OF THE SERVICES OF AN APPROVED PROFESSIONAL CANINE COURIER FOR OUR GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPPIES, WE HAVE NEGOTIATED AN EXTREMELY REASONABLE RATE FOR ALL OUR German shepherd PUPPIES NEW MASTERS TO ANYWHERE IN THE UK, I can confirm German shepherd puppies leaving from Northern IRELAND TO THE UK MAINLAND DO NOT REQUIRE A PASSPORT AS THIS IS CLASSED AS AN INTERNAL UK MOVEMENT. microchipped, wormed and flea treated before they are re-homed. The results are a big German Shepherd that is stunning to behold. 1/144. :-) Oh and no lovers or breeders of the slope back… British family breeder of German shepherd puppies Available soon 2020. Please even though some of our dogs have working dogs in their pedigrees we do NOT breed guard dogs we breed well adjusted mentally balanced healthy happy companions. Specialising in Long Coat German Shepherds, Rock force GSD is more than just a stud. Both are absolutely stunning black and tan straight back German If you did not receive your german shepherd puppy from Alsace Royale kennels it is not a genuine Alsace Royale German shepherd puppy. 1. All our German Shepherd /German Shpherd Puppies are much loved family pets that work on our small … as we are so in love with them as a breed, we wanted to make sure that people Our family strives to provide only the finest German Shepherds. Our giant German Shepherds are taller with a straight back, deeper chest, and larger bone structure. Beautiful in every way, just melts my heart. #dogsforsale #pets Breeders German Shepherd puppies in the south of england for sale. Rosehall AKC OFA Old style Straight back German Shepherds farm & family raised temperament calm white black and red+german shepherds +old style +straight back Increased price jan1, 2021 Males $2050 Females $1750 She is very healthy, gorgeous and happy. Welcome to our site ! We are very proud to say that over the years we have been very fortunate that our German Shepherd puppies and German Shepherd dogs have went on to be therapy dogs providing affection and comfort to people in schools, hospices and retirement homes. Pups are wormed, de... german shepherd 6 months. Find German Shepherd Puppies and Dogs For Sale & Rehome in the UK near me. They have heavier bone structure, big block heads, uniform shoulders and an even top line "STRAIGHT BACKED" like the original German Shepherd Dog was. As one of just a few Old Fashion Straight Back German Shepherd breeders my main goal for my German Shepherd breeding program is to breed Old Fashion “Straight Back” German Shepherds/German Shepherd Puppies that are Intelligent, Noble, Dignified, Sensitive, Loyal and Sound in mind and body. The kennel name Glaurung is the Father of Dragons in the Tolkien literature. This line is also strong, athletic and has a high work drive. the female straight back and the male straight back as they were totally I am regularly stopped, mainly by old men, telling me she is a perfect German Shepherd. Germany have the highest standards for the German Shepherd Dog. We have been breeding straight back German Shepherds as a We ship World wide ! The German shepherd dog are extremely intelligent working dogs with a top class temperament that allows them to respond readily to training, our german shepherds/german shepherd puppies are always anxious to please and are delighted to do your bidding. German Shepherds are world renowned for their steadfast loyalty, trainability and athleticism, and we strive to uphold these distinctive characteristics in each of our dogs. As soon as we saw the straight back German Shepherd litter, Our German Shepherd dogs/German Shepherd Puppies are bred for visual and physical perfection that are of good temperament and are fantastic german shepherds with children. We are located in Canton which is about 20 miles north of Atlanta Georgia. We are a small Hobby German Shepherd Kennel of top quality Old Fashion Straight Back German Shepherd dogs/German Shepherd puppies, situated on the scenic Inishowen peninsula in Northern County Donegal, Ireland just 20 minutes from the Foyle bridge in Derry/LondonDerry, UK. German Shepherd puppies: 8 Months: £550: vivianlawson1 United Kingdom, 00000: Stunning German Shepherd pups for sale: 8 Months: £625: pahimo3692 London, HA4 8PU: German Shepherd puppies: 9 Months: £500: cameronmorrisi02 United Kingdom, BT43 7L: German Shepherd Puppies Available Now For Sale. Take your time looking through our site, we hope you enjoy it and that you find what you are looking for. Check it out! Our straight back German Shepherds are so agile and nimble and Welcome to our website for Siegerson German Shepherds. They thrive when taking part in family activities like hiking, Also Note: Anyone using this website as a reference to sell German Shepherd puppies or for german shepherd stud purposes will have the necessary legal proceedings taken against them. Most importantly we take pride in the fact that all of Having a German Shepherd/German shepherd puppy as part of your family will be rewarding and fulfilling. We are a family run business breeding long and short coated German Shepherds with over 20 years experience in the breed.We are also now hold a local authority breeders licence. We are proud of our German Shepherd dogs and pride ourselves on the very high level of personal service and support that we provide to both GSD breeders and pet owners, especially valuable when you are mating German Shepherds for the first time.. Rock force GSD is based on the South Manchester / Cheshire border. We are taking deposits on our future litters! This advert is located in and around Bangor On Dee, Wrexham. We occasionally have puppies available to loving pet homes. All of our dogs are obedience trained and are a much loved part of the family, living in the house with … 8 FA. Boys and girls available. Old-fashioned German Shepherds are taller, have straight backs, large bone structure, a longer life span, big heads, and generally are larger in weight than the German Shepherds of today's standards. running around and playing with them all the time and would always be so Please Note: Some unscrupulous people were sold german shepherd puppies on the pretext they wanted them as family pets, had they told the truth that they wanted our german shepherd puppies for breeding or for stud purposes they would not have been sold one of our german shepherd puppies. Old fashioned, long coated, straight backed german shepherds. someone came in or was at the door. Find fine German Shepherd puppies and adult dogs for sale at one of UK’s most reliable pet classifieds sites. Tell us what features and improvements you would like to see on Pets4Homes. They are pets with a purpose, acting as a companion and protector. With the help of our contacts at Newinolder in the Isle of Sheppey (where we bought our two original straight back German Shepherd puppies), we started breeding straight back, large framed German Shepherds later that year; all of which having a working line background (predominately Olderhill. that our dogs produce is given the best possible start in life; we ensure that With the help of our contacts at Newinolder in the Isle of I have had German Shepherds/German Shepherd Puppies since childhood and can assure you that these are undoubtedly one of the most capable and trainable breeds in the entire canine kingdom. Here at Wolfgang Haus we strive to breed only the best of the best German Shepherds. Looking to sell? All our German Shepherd /German Shpherd Puppies are much loved family pets that work on our small farm of approximately 100 acres on the scenic Inishowen peninsula in Northern County Donegal, Ireland. Advertise, Sell, Buy and Rehome German Shepherd Dogs and Puppies with Pets4homes. We have been breeding quality German Shepherds Dogs for over 50 years and have competed throught the UK. Working to bring back the old fashioned German Shepherds, nice strong straight backs, calm and stable temperaments with the heart of a lion. This helps maintain the quality of the dogs to a very high standard in both woring abilities as well as in the German Shepherd conformation standard. I have only the well being of my dogs and their puppies in mind so only sell my pups to caring, knowledgeable, lifelong homes.

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