timeline of important events in the history of christianity

Lewis writes The Chronicles of Narnia, 1950 All missionaries are forced to leave China, 1952 U.S. Congress designates a National Day of Prayer. 341 Ulphilas, translator of Gothic Bible, becomes bishop. The period of Public Revelation comes to an end. Pagens, Jews and Christians lived side-by-side for the first time. After Columbus sailed and Constantinople fell, Europeans continued to search out trading routes and thinkers […] Eusebius Pamphilius: Church History, Life of Constantine, Oration in Praise of Constantine", "Evagrius Scholasticus, Ecclesiastical History (AD431-594), translated by E. Walford (1846). Lausanne Congress for World Evangelization, California - Do Not Sell My Personal Information. 1800-1840s Second Great Awakening 180. Ethiopic Bible: in Ge'ez, 81 books, standard, 538 Byzantine general Belisarius defeats last Arian kingdom; Western Europe completely Catholic, 622 Mohammed founds Islam after fleeing to Mecca, 732 Battle of Tours stops Islam from expanding westward, 750? The history tracks the Viking diaspora, as floods of young Scandinavian men first raided across England and Europe, then settled down into farms and merged with the locals. Make a timeline of important events in the history of christianity and explain briefly the significance of each event - 5655320 Calling of Abraham - the Father of the Jewish nation. 1807 British Parliament votes to abolish the slave trade. History of Global Economics - Jeffry A. Frieden Period: Jan 1, 1896 to … The first is that the nature of the centralized government and the hierarchically structured society facilitated the dissemination of information. ... Christian History Timeline: Important Events in Church History. Justin Martyr writes his First Apology, advancing Christian efforts to … 2004 The film Passion of the Christ is released, 2005 Death of Pope John Paul II, election of Pope Benedict XVI, 2006 Together for the Gospel inaugural conference, 2009 The Gospel Coalition inaugural conference, 2010 The Lausanne Movement will hold the Third Congress on World Evangelisation in Cape Town, South Africa, 16-25 October 2010. 1517 Martin Luther's 95 Theses - a document written by Martin Luther that challenged the teachings of the Catholic Church on penance, the authority of the pope, and indulgences. 1478 Spanish Inquisition established by Pope Sixtus IV. 431 - 451 Councils of Ephesus and Chalcedon. … This is the not the exact year of this event. 1450s Gutenberg Bible - first printed Bible. Originally, they were Roman Catholic endeavors to capture the Holy Land from the Muslims, but some were directed against other Europeans. This brief timeline represents key events that happened in the Bible: “In the beginning”: Creation (Genesis 1) Very early: Adam and Eve (Genesis 2–3) Still quite early: Noah’s flood (Genesis 6–9) Around 2000 b.c.e. The Timeline contains dates concerned with secular history that are pertinent to the Catholic apologist, as well as quirky Catholic history bits for the trivia buff.      66-70 CE. 4 BCE. 386: Augustine converts to Christianity. Period: Jan 1, 1882 to Jan 1, 2010. Timeline of Christian History. Timelines of key world & religious events, plus important people. Her claims of visions led to a trial for heresy which resulted in execution by burning at the stake. It allowed Christians to practice their faith and it also protected them. 40-64 64 ca.65-97 ca.100 250-336 284-305 313 325 330 395 Birth of Jesus. This brief timeline represents key events that happened in the Bible: “In the beginning”: Creation (Genesis 1) Very early: Adam and Eve (Genesis 2–3) Still quite early: Noah’s flood (Genesis 6–9) Around 2000 b.c.e. 988 Vladimir Adopts Christianity. It was presented by a number of German rulers and free-cities at the Diet of Augsburg. Papyrus 47: 3rd Chester Beatty, ~Sinaiticus, Rev9:10-11:3,5-16:15,17-17:2, 280 - First rural churches emerge in northern Italy; Christianity is no longer exclusively in urban areas, 313? Important events in the history of life. A series of several military campaigns. Article Images Copyright © 2021 Getty Images unless otherwise indicated. He wrote two Apologies of the Faith, and A Dialogue with Trypho, the Jew. A timeline of important events in (mostly western) church history. Encyclopedia of Jewish and Israeli history, politics and culture, with biographies, statistics, articles and documents on topics from anti-Semitism to Zionism. 381 Christianity made state religion of Roman Empire. Faded into history after the col- The timeline shows that in 597, Pope Gregory I sent missionaries . 1536 -1541 Michelangelo paints "The Last Judgment", 1563 Foxe's Book of Martyrs first published. That early Egyptian paganism was later on overshadowed by Christianity. 1959, "Alexandrian" text-type: Nativity of Mary; 3Cor; 275? Traditionally, this was held to be the year Jesus was born; however, most modern scholars argue for an earlier or later date, the most agreed upon being between 6 BC and 4 BC. 988 Vladimir Adopts Christianity. The division of Church History into separate eras as done here will always be to some extent arbitrary, though it was attempted to group periods according to major watershed events. This period ended with the death of last apostle. 1095 - 13th century The Crusades about 150. 358 Basil the Great founds monastic community. Technology. Paul in Rome: greeted by many "brothers", three days later calls together the Jewish leaders, who hadn't received any word from Judea about him but were curious about "this sect" which everywhere is spoken against; he tries to convince them from the ", 62 James the Just stoned to death for law transgression by, 130-250? The difference between Jewish and Christianity is that Jewish people do not believe that Jesus Christ is the Messiah and are still waiting for the coming of the savior. Christianity.com is a member of the Salem Web Network of sites including: Copyright © 2021, Christianity.com. 1300-800 BC – Cimmerians, nomadic warrior people, lived on the banks of the Cimmerian Bosporus, modern Kerch Strait.. 800 – 600 BC – In the ancient world the tribes of forest mountains of Crimea become known as “Tauris”. The timeline ranges from the year 500 to the year 1500. Packer, John Ankerberg, Jerry Falwell, Thomas C. Oden, R.C. "What think you, loving people, and how seem you affected, seeing that you now understand and know, that we acknowledge ourselves truly and sincerely to profess Christ, condemn the Pope, addict ourselves to the true Philosophy, lead a Christian life (...)". 70 The Romans under Titus destroy Jerusalem, after a long siege; 1.5 million Jews die. Crucified 30 or 33 (probably). Ca. : Abraham and Sarah leave for their Promised […] He imposed the Roman liturgy on the old British Christians • 597 d. Columba, missionary to Scotland • 602 Through Gregory's influence and his baptism of a Lombard King's child, the Lombards begin converting from Arianism to Orthodoxy • 604 d. Gregory the Great • 613 d. Augustine of Canterbury • … 1378-1410 The Great Schism - a time of division in the Roman Catholic Church due to disagreements concerning papal succession. 440: Leo the Great consecrated bishop of Rome Key figures: Jonathan Edwards and George Whitfield. ... Timeline for the History of Judaism. Question marks ('?') Presently, Islam is the state religion of Egypt, a country that housed two other important religions; Judaism and Christianity. The division of Church History into separate eras as done here will always be to some extent arbitrary, though it was attempted to group periods according to major watershed events. Timeline of Events AD 700 – 2012 by Ben Johnson To celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, Historic UK have put together a timeline of historical events that took place between A.D. 700 and 2012, including events such as Magna Carta, the Great Fire of London and the sinking of the Titanic… Papyrus 72: Bodmer 5-11+, pub. The purpose of this timeline is to give a detailed account of Christianity from the beginning of the current era (AD) to the present. Shortly after the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ (Nisan 14 or 15), the Jerusalem church is founded as the first Christian church with about 120 Jews and Jewish Proselytes (Acts 1:15), followed by Pentecost (Sivan 6), the Ananias and Sapphira incident, Pharisee Gamaliel's defense of the Apostles (5:34–39), the stoning of Saint Stephen (see also Persecution of Christians) and the subsequent dispersion of the Apostles (7:54–8:8, also Mark 16:20) which leads to the baptism of Simon Magus in Samaria (8:9–24), and also an Ethiopian eunuch (8:26–40). 1450s Gutenberg Bible - first printed Bible. Moody. 386 Augustine converts to Christianity. Her claims of visions led to a trial for heresy which resulted in execution by burning at the stake. Today in Christian History (Daily) A daily newsletter featuring the most important and significant events on each day in Christian History. There is significant disagreement among Christians as to the historical nature of some of the stories described in Genesis.For the purposes of this time-line, events after Abraham will be considered; for events prior to Abraham, see Historical understandings of Genesis; see also Timeline of church history and Chronology (EBD). This was a very important document in Christian history. Choose from 500 different sets of history dates important events timeline flashcards on Quizlet. Last Supper, arrest of Jesus, his trial, and crucifixion on Good Friday 1163 Notre Dame de Paris - beginning of construction. a. Important chronological events in the history of Crimea. St Gregory Nazianzus most important thinker between Paul St Basil the Great Gregory of Nyssa St Jerome St Augustine St John Chrysostom St Cyprian Hilary Peter Chrysologusporter of Nicene Christianity Relative of Jesus and leader of the Jude-an Christians in Jerusalem. Timeline: Important Dates in A.D. Christian History, Why the Pilgrims Really Came to America (Hint, It Wasn't Religious Freedom), All Saints' Day, November 1 - Meaning and History, Church History Matters! Defined:  The period of Jesus' human life on earth during which he fulfilled all Old Testament prophecies regarding the promised Messiah. The Swiss Reformation: The Swiss Reformation began in 1519 and was initially led by Ulrich Zwingli, … Teachings; ... Timeline of Salvation History. c.2000 BC. For the timeline of the Bible, see. 25 - 527 . Paul's "Road to Damascus" conversion to "Apostle to the Gentiles" is first recorded in 9:13–16, cf. 30 c. - 100 Apostolic Age   William Booth founded Open Christian Mission in East London (in 1878 its name is changed to Salvation Army), 1880 First Northfield Conference led by D.L. Author of one epistle. Important Events in the history of Global Economics Timeline created by kpeavy. Q.O.D. 323: Eusebius completes Ecclesiastical History. 325 First Council of Nicea. In History. History & Events Infographics Geographic Timeline of World Religions Through countless invasions, conversions, missionary activities and word of mouth, religion spread their belief system and grow to be the dominant faith in the world. For schools, buildings must be handicapped accessible to meet all students’ needs. on dates indicate approximate dates. 1453 The Christian kingdom of Constantinople finally falls to the Muslims. John Calvin took up the Reformation crusade that justification came by faith and not from how much was paid to … 1648 - 1789 The Enlightenment Introduction to Protestantism: Timeline of Reformation History (1517-1685) Events 1-25. Gal 1:11–24. Sproul, Wayne Grudem, Charles Swindoll, et al. 70. The following articles provide an overview of some of the most important events and periods in Christian history. 367 Athanasius’s letter defines New Testament canon. 381 First Council of Constantinople. James of Vitry writes that Muslim soldiers returned Francis and another friar, Illuminato, "with signs of honor. 1899 Gideons International founded - ministry dedicated to distributing copies of the Bible in over 80 languages and more than 180 countries of the world to those who might not otherwise encounter it. A. Kenneth Curtis (1939-2011) was the founder of Gateway Films/Vision Video and Christian History Institute.He authored and edited several publications, including In Context, Glimpses, and Christian History magazine. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. Christianity does not exist without Christ. It was one of the major events that led Christianity to be the most practiced religion in the world. Creation and the Fall into Sin Ancient Egyptians were pagans that God highly criticized and condemned in the Bible. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. Jesus Christ 4 bce - 30 ce. Here Are 10 Events You Need to Know. J. Stephen Lang is the bestselling author of dozens of books, including The Complete Book of Bible Trivia, which has sold more than 600,000 copies. However it is the correct year. Chronology of the Old Testament Books. Defined:  When man began to look beyond superstition and began to use his reason to discover the world. Read about the people and events who helped shape religious faith in the United States. A timeline created with Timetoast's interactive timeline maker. See the Ancient History of the Hebrews for the events before the birth of Jesus 6 BC: Jesus is born in Betlehem 6 AD: the kingdom of Judea is annexed to Rome 14 AD: Augustus dies and Tiberius becomes emperor of Rome 26 AD: Pilate (Pontius Pilatus) is appointed prefect of Judea 27 AD: John the Baptist preaches in Judea 29 AD: John the Baptist is beheaded by Herod's son Herod Antipas 1855 D.L. The year one is the first year in the Christian calendar (there is no year zero), which is the calendar presently used (in unison with the Gregorian calendar) almost everywhere in the world. 1431 Joan of Arc Martyred - Inspired and directed by religious visions, Joan of Arc (Jeanne d'Arc), organized the French resistance that forced the English to end their siege of Orléans (1429). This timeline will take you through the major events and dates found in the Bible, giving you a quick look at God's saving activity throughout the history of the world. 0 - 29 c.  Jesus Note: Centennial anniversary (on November 13, 2009) of the publication of, Learn how and when to remove these template messages, Learn how and when to remove this template message, Circumcision controversy in early Christianity, Tertullian's Prescription Against Heretics, Expounding of the Law#Antithesis of the Law, Medieval history of Christianity § Late Middle Ages (1300–1499), To the Christian Nobility of the German Nation, On the Babylonian Captivity of the Church, The Sacrament of the Body and Blood of Christ—Against the Fanatics, Reformation in Denmark-Norway and Holstein, Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz, Armand Jean du Plessis, Cardinal Richelieu, An Historical Account of Two Notable Corruptions of Scripture, The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Dechristianisation of France during the French Revolution, First Amendment to the United States Constitution, Declaration and Address of the Christian Association of Washington, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Synod of the Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Evangelical Lutheran Synodical Conference of North America, Evangelical Lutheran Free Church (Germany), 1905 French law on the separation of Church and State, The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments, a New Translation, The Holy Bible from Ancient Eastern Manuscripts, Monumento Nacional de Santa Cruz del Valle de los Caidos, Declaration of the Establishment of the State of Israel, New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures, The Foundations of New Testament Christology, Lutheran Council in the United States of America, Chicago Statement on Biblical Hermeneutics, Chicago Statement on Biblical Application, A Marginal Jew: Rethinking the Historical Jesus, Confessional Evangelical Lutheran Conference, World Council of Churches: Towards a Common Date for Easter, Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification, Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ, Jerusalem Declaration on Christian Zionism, American Association of Lutheran Churches, Manhattan Declaration: A Call of Christian Conscience, Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople, Jewish Encyclopedia: Rome: Expelled Under Tiberius, Pauline Chronology: His Life and Missionary Work, although the name of God occurred frequently in them, "CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Caius (3rd Century)", "ANF05. Dacians –during the economic crisis of the third century CE, most of the persecutions were directed against rich Christians The Bible is vast and encompasses everything from Creation to the end of time. Timeline of the History of Macedonia. Conversion to Christianity solidified these important trading relationships. Great Fire in Rome; Nero blames and executes Christians. • To provide a visual reminder of the passage of time. This case started the path that led to many more changes and improvements in the legislation for disabled individuals. The pagan prince of Kievan Rus’ embraced a new faith, leading to the Christianization of the Ukrainian, Russian, and Byelorussian peoples. 8 Oct 451 CE - 1 Nov 451 CE Fourth Ecumenical Council takes place in Chalcedon, determining that Jesus Christ had two distinct natures and wills, perfectly united. • To provide a rationale synthesizing and explaining the development of Western Civilization. 1569 Thomas Cartwright argues for a purified English Christianity 1571 Parliament approves Thirty-Nine Articles of Religion 1590 Thomas Cartwright and others arrested for … See the Ancient History of the Hebrews for the events before the birth of Jesus 6 BC: Jesus is born in Betlehem 6 AD: the kingdom of Judea is annexed to Rome 14 AD: Augustus dies and Tiberius becomes emperor of Rome 26 AD: Pilate (Pontius Pilatus) is appointed prefect of Judea 27 AD: John the Baptist preaches in Judea 29 AD: John the Baptist is beheaded by Herod's son Herod Antipas The twelve tribes of Israel are named after Jacob's sons. Jesus begins his ministry after his baptism by John and during the rule of Pilate, preaching: "Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is near" (Matthew 4:12–17). What Does it Mean That Our Citizenship is in Heaven? Search Biographies and a Bible Dictionary. These include major geologic events, climate changes, radiations of organisms into new habitats, changes in ecosystems, changes … TIMELINE EXERCISE INSTRUCTIONS Purpose: • To highlight some of the most important events in Western Civilization from the earliest known civilization, through the break up of Charlemagne’s Empire. 49 "Since the Jews constantly made disturbances at the instigation of Chrestus, 59? For tonight, finish reading the Christianity packet. 3 Min Read (Reuters) - The following are some significant events in the history of Juul. 2000 Visions of the Virgin Mary are reported in, 2009 Dr. Frederick Eikerenkoetter (Reverend Ike), a pioneering prosperity preacher, dies, 2010, October 31 - Attack on Baghdad church results in 52 deaths. It launched Pentecostalism as a world wide movement. Coined the term "Old Testament" and collected it into canon. Titles of events have been phrased by David Huynh, author of this timeline … 1536 John Calvin writes The Institutes of the Christian Religion. Here are some Christianity fast facts and seven key events in the religion's history: 3B.C.—30 A.D.: Birth, life, death, and believed resurrection of Jesus Christ. Death of James, brother of Jesus and head of the church in Jerusalem. Early Christianity and History Early Christianity and History •early Roman persecutions of Christians –random and relatively few in number •compared, at least, to what the Romans did to other rebellious groups, e.g. Melito of Sardis 120 ce - 180 ce (birth unknown) -- d. ca. Brief history of Christianity in Kerala | Timeline with Major events.Malayalam version of this video coming soon. Additional Resources: c.2100 BC. The Early Church History Timeline is a point by point overview of the first 4 centuries of Christianity, from the apostles to Constantine, with references and links to further information. • Christian History Project Online Version of the 12-Volume Popular History Series The Christians : Their First Two Thousand Years, Sponsored by the Society to Explore and Record Christian History ca.) Create a Timeline Now; History of Ancient Christianity. This article is about the timeline of Christianity beginning with Jesus. It is a decision of profound importance for Orthodox Christianity, which in Russia finds its third great empire. The Emperor passed the Edict of Milan. Linea del tiempo Filosofia ( Antigua, Medieval, Moderna y Contemponarea) ... See more History timelines. Fathers of the Third Century: Hippolytus, Cyprian, Caius, Novatian, Appendix", "CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Pope St. Eusebius", "CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: The Synods of Arles", "NPNF2-01. ... Christian History Timeline: Important Events in Church History. A timeline of events significant to Maori relating to the history of Tauranga Moana by Harley is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial … Moody Converted to Christianity, 1859 Charles Darwin publishes Origin of Species, 1863 - 1885 Fanny Crosby writes more than 8,000 hymns including "Blessed Assurance", 1865 - Rev. "Christian Apologists" writings against, 150? Timeline: Significant events in the history of Juul. Introduction", The Rosicrucian Interpretation of Christianity, Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, The Secret Teachings of All Ages: The Fraternity of The Rose Cross, "NOMBRE DE DIOS Mission in Spanish La Florida", "CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Evangelical Church", "The Lady of All Nations – Family of Mary", "Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals, Inc", Virgin Mary 'appears over Egyptian church', Holy Lights in Assiut: Apparition in Assiut: Eyewitness Account, World Methodists approve further ecumenical dialogue, "CNS STORY: Methodists adopt Catholic-Lutheran declaration on justification", "Schism - By Travis Kavulla - The Corner - National Review Online", The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception or Mystic Christianity, "Gunman Kills at Least 26 in Attack on Rural Texas Church", Political influence of Evangelicalism in Latin America, Architecture of cathedrals and great churches, Historical background of the New Testament, New Testament places associated with Jesus, Names and titles of Jesus in the New Testament, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Timeline_of_Christianity&oldid=998467421, Wikipedia articles in need of updating from July 2019, All Wikipedia articles in need of updating, Articles that may contain original research from July 2018, All articles that may contain original research, Articles needing additional references from July 2018, All articles needing additional references, Articles with multiple maintenance issues, Pages with numeric Bible version references, Articles with unsourced statements from April 2020, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, 7-26 Brief period of peace, relatively free of revolt and bloodshed in Iudaea &. 1942 Wycliffe Bible Translators founded by William Cameron Townsend with the goal of making a translation of the Bible in every living language in the world. Peter baptizes the Roman Centurion Cornelius, who is traditionally considered the first Gentile convert to Christianity (10). See more Politics timelines. Which of the following information is most important to include in a timeline? 1579 Discovery of the holiest Russian icon, 1582 Rheims New Testament published – it later became part of the 1610, 1585 Jesuit scholar Francisco Ribera publishes first futurist interpretation, of the Biblical books of Daniel and Revelation, 1588 Spanish Armada defeated in its efforts to reconquer England for Catholicism, 1590 Michelangelo's dome in St Peter's Basilica completed, 1598 Edict of Nantes grants toleration to French Protestants (Huguenots), 1606 Carlo Maderno redesigns St Peter's Basilica into a Latin cross, 1689 English Bill of Rights establishes religious liberty, 1784 Roman Catholicism is introduced in Korea, 1871 Pontmain, France is saved from advancing German troops with the appearing of, 1878 First translation of the New Testament into, 1900 Eastern Orthodoxy is introduced in Korea, 1903 First group baptism at Sattelberg Mission Station under, 1904 Evangelical Lutheran Church of Brazil –. A timeline of select events of the Middle Ages is shown. 1906 Azusa Street Revival - Revival that took place in Los Angeles, California and was led by preacher William J. Seymour. Important Dates in Early Christianity. Christianity is the most widely practiced religion in the world, with more than 2 billion followers. 1678 John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress published. Paul shipwrecked on Malta, called a god (, 60? 1517 - 1648 The Reformation - European movement aimed initially at reforming the beliefs and practices of the Roman Catholic Church. 12-3-12 Explain the connection between Judaism and Christianity. 1215 King John of England and his nobles sign the Magna Carta. A timeline can provide additional information about life's history not visible on an evolutionary tree. This is a timeline of Tongan history, comprising important legal and territorial changes and political events in Tonga and its predecessor states.To read about the background to these events, see History of Tonga.See also the list of monarchs of Tonga and list of Prime Ministers of Tonga 1453 The Christian kingdom of Constantinople finally falls to the Muslims. Print; Important Events. In History-379 BCE. 1530 Augsburg Confession - Primary confession of faith of the Lutheran Church and one of the Reformation. While the historicity of the gospel accounts is questioned to some extent by some critical scholars and non-Christians, the traditional view states the following chronology for his ministry: Temptation, Sermon on the Mount, Appointment of the Twelve, Miracles, Temple Money Changers, Last Supper, Arrest, Trial, Passion, Crucifixion on Nisan 14th (John 19:14, Mark 14:2, Gospel of Peter) or Nisan 15th (Synoptic Gospels), entombment by Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus, Resurrection by God and Resurrection appearances of Jesus to Mary Magdalene and other women (Mark 16:9, John 20:10–18), Simon Peter (Luke 24:34), and others, (1Cor.15:3–9), Great Commission, Ascension, Second Coming Prophecy to fulfill the rest of Messianic prophecy such as the Resurrection of the dead, the Last Judgment, and establishment of the Kingdom of God and the Messianic Age. In about 988 the prince of Kiev, Vladimir, commissions a report which persuades him of the attractions of Byzantine Christianity. See more Business timelines. According to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS), the Garden of Eden in which God placed Adam and Eve is located in Jackson County, Missouri, near the town of Independence. 1837-1901 Victoria Queen of England. Separation deepens between Christianity and Judaism. Constantine called the First Council of Nicaea in 325 to unify Christology, also called the first great Christian council by Jerome, the first ecumenical, decreed the Original Nicene Creed, but rejected by Nontrinitarians such as Arius, Theonas, Secundus of Ptolemais, Eusebius of Nicomedia, and Theognis of Nicaea who were excommunicated, also addressed Easter controversy and passed 20 Canon laws such as Canon VII which granted special recognition to Jerusalem.

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