why did the federal army leave camp floyd

The Federal government’s position soon became obvious. This ended an extraordinary affair in American military history. The army occupied “Upper Camp Floyd” for two months. Despite Lincoln’s soothing platitudes on Kentucky’s neutrality, on May 28 th, the Federal government set up the Military Department of Kentucky, encompassing the area within 100 miles of the Ohio River. It did not end the tensions between the U.S. government and the Mormons in Utah. Why do you think the U.S. Army might have located a camp here? That same month, Johnston and his troops marched through the deserted streets of Salt Lake City—then kept marching 40 miles south to establish Camp Floyd, in present-day Fairfield, Utah. The camp brought much-needed cash to Utah people. Camp Floyd: Camp Floyd, Utah County, Utah, temporarily established July 8, 1858 in the northwest corner of Cedar Valley (Upper Camp) and later moved ten miles south to the site near Fairfield which was occupied beginning September 8, 1858, then abandoned in July, 1861. As the war began in early 1861, the War Department pulled the Federal troops out of the Utah Territory and reassigned them to other regions where they were more immediately needed to quell the brewing rebellion. Gen. At one Johnston’s Army, however, marched professionally through an eerily empty Salt Lake City and built Camp Floyd 40 miles to the southwest, in present-day Cedar Valley. Soldiers were stationed there until the beginning of the Civil War in 1861. The residential buildings at the camp were spatially segregated and organized following the different levels of rank of the military. There were 600 Cherokees camped at Rattlesnake Springs in July 1838, waiting to leave for the west. The term of a soldier's enlistment, five years, is too short, especially for the cavalry branch, and the facilities for desertion are enormous. On October 29, the Confederates scattered Federal outposts on the Fayetteville Road and pushed them down to the mouth of Great Falls Creek and, on November 1, began fortifying Cotton Hill.41 The same day, Floyd opened with cannon on the camp at Gauley, which for the next ten days was the scene of almost constant skirmishing. Utah’s citizens returned to their homes, and life resumed mostly as it had before, although tension … 1. The company which should number 84 has often only 50 men. A native Kentuckian, Major Robert Anderson, of Fort Sumter fame, was given command. The soldiers were unwelcome in Utah, but Camp Floyd did help Utah in some ways. Church leaders eventually accepted the offer. Gen. John Buford (a quartermaster for Johnston's Army in Utah) managed in early fighting to hold high ground there that was key to victory. Under terms of the agreement, the army marched peacefully through the city and then established a garrison to the west and south of the city called Camp Floyd. Between the two, one third of the army disappears every year. There were more than 4,800 Cherokees waiting at camps in this general area before relocation. 2. Camp Floyd produced many of the heroes of Gettysburg. The U.S. government abandons the Utah Territory. The removal, or forced emigration, of Cherokee Indians occurred in 1838, when the U.S. military and various state militias forced some 15,000 Cherokees from their homes in Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee and moved them west to Indian Territory (now present-day Oklahoma). The army not only paid local residents to help build the camp but held auctions of goods at low prices. Camp Floyd, a U.S. Army post built in 1858, provides an opportune site to evaluate how rank was exhibited in the physical remains of a military camp. Gen. John F. Reynolds, a Camp Floyd veteran, was killed bringing desperately needed reinforcements to Buford. Camp Floyd Camp Floyd soon became the third- largest city in the Utah Territory (after Salt Lake and Provo). I heard more of army grievances during my second stay at Camp Floyd. Finally, on June 26, 1858, Johnston’s army marched through Salt Lake City and set up Camp Floyd 35 miles from the city.

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why did the federal army leave camp floyd

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