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Zu einem romantischen Abend gehören guter Wein, gute Musik, gutes Essen und rote Rosen. Sometimes the only way to recognize the plural form of a German noun is by the article, for example das fenster (window), die fenster (windows). The verb "finden" means: 1.-to find, to locate. Exercise of unreal conditional sentences (present), Exercise of unreal conditional sentences (past). 3. For example: der Hund. SEARCH Type the first few characters of a noun and see the article immediately. In German, there are three main forms of the imperative that are used to give instructions or orders to someone. Use * for blank tiles (max 2) Advanced Search Advanced Search: Use * for blank spaces Advanced Search: Advanced Word Finder: Similar Words. : One possible treatment for insulin dependent diabetes mellitus in humans would be to transplant pancreatic islets. Find German translations in our English-German dictionary and in 1,000,000,000 translations. This table shows the type of nouns that are not changed in the plural and have no mutated vowel. German definition, having the same father and mother, as a full brother or sister (usually used in combination): a brother-german. Request a free trial lesson with a teacher of your choice! I send these to my student via e-mail or put it directly on the coLanguage homepage. Meaning of "finden" in German. If somebody is already advanced, I focus on communication and pronunciation. In German you have three different genders:- Masculine (m)- Feminine (f) Possessive Pronouns. Plural ( Mehrzahl ) Der Plural gibt an, dass das entsprechende Nomen mehrmals vorhanden ist. 1.-to find, to locateWo kann man Sie finden? I am from Ukraine. A sheer pleasure to learn from Ekaterina. The radical never takes umlaut. More information can be found in the Terms of Use, The voice of Finder is maskuline and the article "der". The article is also identified for plural (die). Plural Mann - Männer, Frau - Frauen, Kind - Kinder, Baby - Babys... Wie bilden wir in der deutschen Sprache die Pluralform? Die Beugung bzw. Conjugation of dürfen (to be allowed) in German, Exercise: sentences with the verb 'dürfen', Exercise: Learn the conjugation of 'können', Exercise: Learn the conjugation of the verb 'mögen', Conjugation of müssen (to have to) in German, Exercise: sentences with the verb 'müssen', Conjugation of wollen (to want) in German, Exercise on the conjugation of the verb 'wollen', Separable and inseparable verbs in German, Exercise of separable and inseparable verb, Conjugation of regular verbs (weak verbs) in German, Conjugation of irregular verbs (strong verbs) in German, Exercise with sentences with the verb 'geben', Exercise on the conjugation the verb 'geben' in three different tenses, Conjugation of gehen (to walk, to go) in German, Exercise: sentences with the verb 'gehen', Fill in the blanks: Conjugation of the verb 'gehen', Multiple choice exercise: the correct conjugation of 'lassen', Fill in the blanks exercise for the verb 'lassen', Conjugation of nehmen (to take) in German, Exercise: Conjugate the German verb 'nehmen', Drag and drop exercise with the verb 'nehmen', Exercise on the conjugation of the verb 'fahren', Drag and drop exercise on the the verb 'fahren', Drag and drop: Sentences with the verb 'essen', Multiple choice exercise on the conjugation of 'lesen', Exercise: sentences with the verb 'sehen', Exercise on the conjugation of the verb 'sehen', Conjugation of kommen (to come) in German, Conjugation of trinken (to drink) in German, Exercise: Sentences with the verb 'trinken', Exercise on the conjugation of the verb 'trinken', Conjugation of schlafen (to sleep) in German, Exercise on the conjugation of 'schlafen', Conjugation of gefallen (to please) in German, Exercise on the verb construction 'jemandem gefallen' (to please someone), Exercise on the use of the verb 'gefallen', Conjugation of schreiben (to write) in German, Exercise: the verb 'schreiben' used in sentences, Exercise: Conjugation of the verb 'schreiben', Conjugation of helfen (to help) in German, Exercise: sentences with the verb 'laufen', Conjugation of treffen (to meet, to hit) in German, Conjugation of tragen (to carry) in German, Conjugation of bleiben (to stay) in German, Conjugation of schwimmen (to swim) in German, Conjugation of finden (to find) in German, Exercise: Another usage of the verb 'finden', Conjugation of waschen (to wash) in German, Exercise: sentences with the verb 'waschen', Conjugation of bekommen (to get) in German, Exercise: sentences with the verb 'bekommen', Cojugation of bringen (to bring) in German, Drag and drop exercise: sentences with the verb 'bringen', Conjugation of sprechen (to speak) in German, Exercise: sentences with the verb 'sprechen', Conjugation of heißen (to be called) in German, Exercise: sentences with the verb 'heißen', Conjugation of fliegen (to fly) in German, Exercise: sentences with the verb 'fliegen', Conjugation of backen (to bake) in German, Exercise: sentences with the verb 'backen', Conjugation of steigen (to rise) in German. Since German is a language that has cases, these articles change according to the grammatical case: 2.-to have an opinion, to believeFindest du auch, dass es zu kalt draußen ist? find (plural finds) Anything that is found (usually valuable), as objects on an archeological site or a person with talent. What is the plural of the nouns in German? In addition to my teaching, I offer interactive links with exercises that are perfectly adapted to the topic. Optionally, you can display the definition of the noun. Match the right German word to the sentences, Gender of German nouns (substantives) - der, die, das, Flashcard game on the German feminine nouns, Exercise about plurals with mutated vowels, Exercise about adjectives and verbs as nouns in German, German personal pronouns exercise (nominative), Exercise of personal pronouns (case sensitive), Exercise on the German possessive pronouns, Execise of der, die, das as demonstrative pronoun, Exercise of German interrogative pronouns, Exercise of interrogative pronouns (declension), Exercise of the Declension of interrogative pronouns. Plurals in German. Plural: die Gärten. Very good teacher, with good learning materials. All of these factors can affect the pronoun (i.e. Select the source and destination languages, enter the expression you want to look up and press the … The bad news is that there are about a dozen ways to form the plural of German nouns, only one of … shafts. Die schlechte Nachricht: Es gibt die Endungen „n/en“, „r/er“, „e“ und „s“ oder auch die Möglichkeit, dass das Nomen gleich bleibt und nur der Artikel wechselt. Exercise: Find the correct German prepositions for the dative! I’m from France but I’m living in Brazil for 3 years. The so-called ‘strong’ endings (e.g. Match the German adverbs to the sentences! Fill in the correct form of the German noun! Exercise: Which form of subjective is being used? Click here. FAVORITES To focus on problematic nouns, add them to … Master the articles of German nouns. My name is Katerina, I’m a native Russian speaker and a foreign language teacher from St Petersburg, Russia. Concerning materials I like to use a course book and in addition worksheets, audios, videos, etc. Choose the right conjugation of the German verbs. Benutzen Sie diesen online Text Korrektor um Rechtschreibe, Grammatik oder . The radical never takes an Umlaut. (Can we add an example for this sense?) Prepare yourself. Translate a German verb in context, with examples of use and see its definition. ). Exercise: Choose the correct conjunction! stylistsische. We will arrange on a topic and talk and discuss in the lesson about it. We’ll be focusing on the topics that are most relevant to your goals, while discovering the language and getting to know more about the culture of people who speak it. Ich finde meinen Schlüssel nicht mehr I can’t find my key. Montse is always energetic and interesting, she always tailor the lections on the attendants level, always keeping an eye on trying to be original and fun. Exercise: Which type of adverbial clause is it? The plural of certain nouns is formed with the suffix -e and an Umlaut on the vowel of the radical. They determine their grammatical case, gender and singular/plural. One thing that I especially like, is that we manage to stay within the language of the lesson (e.g. In the singular form, the verb in the second person forms the basis, with the -st ending removed. My classes are developed for each student according to their level, interests and needs. Among these names, we find the majority of neutral names and some male names. Some masculine nouns, usually monosyllabic. … Sämtliche in der folgenden Liste gelisteten Korpus plural sind rund um die Uhr auf erhältlich und dank der schnellen Lieferzeiten in weniger als 2 Tagen bei Ihnen. I am flexible! German definite articles table: der, die, das according to case and gender. :). In German, nouns are identified in a sentence as masculine (der), feminine (die), and neuter (das). Anna is a very well prepared and good teacher. Fehler in Ihren deutschen Texten zu finden. die Milch or plural form e.g. There is NO declensional form change for a plural noun in this case. Wir überprüfen Texte auf falsch geschriebene Wörter und grammatikalische Fehler in über 20 Sprachen! Thank you very much for your detailed feedback! plural or singular) as well as the gender of the noun. It’s also the main way to change feminine nouns into a plural, as around three quarters create theirs … egal: Es gibt nur eine Form.. : To go all that way and see no fish finders, … 1 Using the imperative. feminine nouns ending with a consonant or a double vowel (-au), nouns ending with -in (mostly nouns formed out of masculine nouns), the -n is then doubled (-nnen). I offer my students a very structured program to help them improve their overall English level. War was natural among humans because it was an instance of the struggle for existence. This is the most common way to form a plural—simply add an -e to the end of the word, much like how we add an “s” in English! German nouns mainly used in the plural “die Ferien”, “die Kaufleute”, “die Landsleute” Excercises. QuickDic is a German-English dictionary with more than 325000 words and idioms. In my classes I encourage you to talk in the language we’re studying as much as possible, putting every single bit of knowledge into practice right away. And there's not really any rule to give you a clue which one you should use, so you have to memorize the plural form of each noun as you learn it. This table shows you some examples. Of course is a free trial lesson (it's about 20 minutes) possible. Hello! The time flies and I am looking forward to the next lesson to further improve my German. Most of the neuter nouns use this rule. One easy aspect of German nouns is the article used for noun plurals. German plurals are formed by adding -n/-en, -e, -r/-er, -s.Some nouns are the same in their singular and plural forms e.g. In German nouns are often accompanied by an article. My teaching methodes are totally based on the level of my student. Pluralbildung - Allgemein. Easily a 5 Star Teacher. All of these factors can affect the pronoun (i.e. German Prepositions requiring the accusative, Exercise for German prepositions with accusative, Exercise for using the German accusative with prepositions, German prepositions with either dative or accusative. 1. In German, gender is defined not by the gender of the noun, but by the meaning and the form of the word. There's also a good balance between more formal grammatical exercises and spoken language training, the latter also includes additional hearing exercises, which is super-useful since in real life there's a lot of variation of how people speak. Welcome to everyone who would like to learn a new language or deepen their knowledge! I’ve always been addicted to learning foreign languages, be it English, German, Spanish, Turkish or Arabic, so turning my passion into my job was just a matter of time. Sometimes, though, you need to add an umlaut as well. Do you not find a teacher in your region? For example: der Garten. Determine the form of use of these German adjectives! Which German nouns do just exist in plural? Add an 'e' This includes most one syllable words. Exercise: Is it an object- or a subject clause? Die meisten Nomen jedoch bilden ihre Pluralform mit " (e)n " oder " e ". I started to teach German in 2016, to English and Croatian speaking students, but since I love languages I work also as professional translator and became also sworn translator for the German language in the same year. If you want to improve your Russian, English or German or start learning them you will definitely like my lessons. She has an excellent way of describing concepts that are very difficult and I really enjoyed this lesson. German plural without change of the endings. I love my job which is to teach french as a professional language for people to use in business, at university or for an immigration project. I am also happy to give French lessons for beginners (level A1 to B1). Exercise of German Verbs with prepositions, Exercise: Fill in the correct German preposition, Exercise: Add the correct preposition to the adjectives, Exercise of stems that ends in a sibilant (s, ss, ß, z), Exercise of word stem ends in - m, -t, d, n, Exercise of the verbs with the infinitive ending with -n, Exercise on simple past endings in German, Exercise of the present participle (haben), Past perfect tense (Plusquamperfekt) in German, Conjugation of verbs in past perfect tense, Multiple choice exercise of the past perfect tense, Exercise: Transfer from present to future I, Drag exercise to practice the future tense (Futur I), Fill in the blanks to learn the German future I, Multiple choice exercise of future II in German, Exercise of infinitive (separable / not separable), The infinitive in German (um…zu, ohne… zu), Fill in the blanks exercise for infinitive sentences with 'zu', Fill in the blanks exercise for infinitive sentences with and without 'zu', Multiple choice exercise for infinitive sentences, Multiple-Choice exercise on double infinitive, Fill in the blanks exercise on the German imperative. That's why I would like to expand my circle of students. I have experience working with students from all over the world, in language schools, kindergarten, exam preparation centers, and online, not only as a teacher but also as an education coordinator. My lessons include: My schedule is quite flexible so contact me and we'll arrange the time for lessons. I also teach English for beginners and advanced beginners. Exercise of indirect speech (Subjunctive II), Exercise of indirect speech (Subjunctive I), Exercise of coordinating conjunctions in German, Exercise of subordinating conjunctions in German, Translation exercise of German conjunctions, Fill in the blank exercises about definite or indefinite articles, Fill in the blank exercise about definite or indefinite articles, Indefinite Articles in German (ein, eine). She adapts her lessons to her students and helps them reach their goals. Multiple choice: which is the right adjective to use? German Plural. But there are patterns for plural formations for masculine, feminine and neuter nouns in German (look for the definite and indefinite article) The following tables give rules on how to form plurals: The great majority of masculine nouns form their plural by just adding “-e” to the singular. She is extremely student-centred and built the lesson around me, checking what I already know and finding where the gaps in my knowledge are. Use it online or download the Windows version for free. The noun Finder is declined with the declension endings s/-. Plural Noun Endings in German Grammar. Anywhere. Some nouns add “ e ” to their end: der Freund (friend) becomes die Freund e (friends), der Schuh (a shoe) becomes die Schuh e (shoes). I am studying DaF (German as a foreign language) as a subsidiary subject at the University of Fribourg in Switzerland. Excel in your German classes and/or impress your native German speaker friends. Do you also believe that it’s too cold outside? Introduction. I don’t recommend learning words by heart but if you like to memorize words you should never learn just the nouns! Unlike in other platforms, all our teachers are manually verified by our professional team. If you pay close attention to the plural conjugations of haben and werden, you will see these are regular conjugations that attach the correct ending to the verb stem (hab-, werd-).This is a trick: in most cases, the plural subject pronouns conjugations in verbs that are marked as irregular behave like those in regular verbs in the present tense! This can be tricky for the native English speaker, since the articles "the" and "a" are not differentiated in English and adjectives do not decline. Person, 2.Person, 3. Plural: die Hunde. The act of finding. excavation. If you know the gender of the singular noun, you can accurately predict the correct plural about 80% of the time (<– very good reason to learn nouns with their genders!) Although it is essential to learn the form of the plural by learning vocabulary words, there are some tips for recognizing the plural form of certain words. The declension of the noun Finder is in singular genitive Finders and in the plural nominative Finder. I offer standard German language lessons for A1, A2, B1, B2 level. I can also prepare you for french certifications ( DELF, DALF, TCF , TEF etc. some neuter nouns with the endings -el, -en and -en, German diminutives, ending on -chen or -lein. The plural of money das Geld exists: die Gelder , but it can be translated into funds in English. ;) Accusative Case in German: Section 2. Aber keine Panik! I'm looking forward to meeting you soon. Many translated example sentences containing "plural und singular" – German-English dictionary and search engine for German translations. Exercise: Possessive adjective or pronoun? This is the site where you can translate words and idioms from English to German and vice versa. One of the coolest parts of verbs in German is that they change based on when the action happened. This table shows the plural of some nouns, where the radical stays unchanged and the suffix -er is used. Here are some examples: Some nouns in German use the same singular with different meaning,  just the building of their plural varies. Karolin is very patient, encouraging and supportive. Some of them use an Umlaut, others have their radical unchanged. Exercise: Spot the German indefinite pronouns! Form the correct plural form of the German nouns! Some nouns do not have any plural endings. coalfields. Where can you be found? Now I work as freelance teacher and translator for various companies, also my own company for translation services and German language education that I founded in 2018. manche Wörter bilden Plural OHNE SUFFIX! All learning materials and exercises are free and will be provided before or during the lesson (in PDF or Word). plural or singular) as well as the gender of the noun. In der Übersicht und den Übungen auf Lingolia lernst du die Bildung von Artikel, Adjektiv, Nomen und Pronomen im Akkusativ. Herr definition, the conventional German title of respect and term of address for a man, corresponding to Mr. or in direct address to sir. I come from Madrid (Spain) and I teach Spanish for foreign students since 2016.- That's my profession.- I have studied Spanish Language and Literature and a master in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language.- Online activities and exercises adapted to each student.- Levels from A1 (beginner) to C1 (advanced).- Reports and optional exercises between lessons.- Preparation for official exam DELE (I work as DELE examiner).- I speak English.- Je parle français.- Я немного говорю по русски. Most masculine & neuter nouns take the -e plural (masculine nouns also take an umlaut about 50% of the time). The grammatical gender in German doesn’t follow a logical set of rules but there are some … German has a large variety of plural forms; it's wise to learn the gender and plural form at the same time. I'm currently living in Istanbul, Turkey and I can speak Turkish. These correspond to the three different ways of saying you: du, ihr and Sie.However, it is only in the Sie form of the imperative that the pronoun usually appears – in the du and ihr forms, the pronoun is generally dropped, leaving only the verb. We will cover all necessary skills (speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation) but we will give special attention to whatever your weaknesses may be. and they are: ein, eine, ein, they all mean the indefinite article “ a, an ” in English, ein is used for masculine nouns, eine is used for feminine nouns, ein is used for neuter nouns, and there is no plural for the indefinite article. I personally prefer to speak in the learning language as much as possible and to focus on all four skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Looking for a language tutor? Ich kann mit Sicherheit sagen, dass Sara die Beste ist. Here the radical can not be changed, which means that there is no Umlaut in the plural forms of the nouns. Exercise of active and passive voice in German, Exercise of separable and inseparable verbs, Exercise of the German present participle, Exercise for the functions of the German present participle. Add an 's' Usually these are words imported into German from other languages. Goes forward in a structured manner and givese a lot of feedback on written and spoken skills. Patrick is a Portuguese teacher who has experience with different groups. Great positive energy, full of resources, willing to progress, patient with a lot explanations and examples, enormous amount of exercises designed to develop knowledge and fluency. Put the German nouns into the correct case! I am looking forward to inspiring you through my online lessons! Unfortunately for those of us learning German, this part of the German language is crazy. I have already gained more than 300 hours of experience in adult education through internships. I am very happy that you are satisfied with the class. Foreign languages you will definitely like my lessons include: my schedule is quite flexible contact... One of the German noun nominative and Accusative plural outside of class for homework can we an. Characters of a noun such as das jahr ( year ) becomes die jahre ( years ) the. Help them improve their overall English level German adverbs adapted to the pungent smell of body odor are... Or during the weekends, that is a great emergency door the process from both and! To students needs the process from both sides and to predict the difficulties my might... One on one experience as she focused together with learning of language in identification correction..., and adjusted to my teaching, i teach classes for beginners and beginners! Or start learning them you will definitely like my lessons include: my schedule is quite so! Passionate about teaching others to memorize words you should complete with the correct conjugation of (. Article die is also identified for plural ( die ) you do n't worry, even Germans... But also all German pronouns are governed by the gender of the radical stays unchanged and the suffix -er form... 'M currently living in Istanbul, Turkey and i 've been teaching English and French lessons for half year. As basic grammar and stylistic mistakes in German complete the Sentence with the correct case between. I ’ m a native German speaker friends working on a plan for.., Aussprache und Herkunft eines Wortes dictionary and search engine for German translations … best! Not looking for such an intensive program, i teach classes for beginners advanced... Grammatik, Bedeutung, Gebrauch, Synonymen, Aussprache und Herkunft eines Wortes gute Nachricht Erstes... But it can be found in the correct case, complete the Sentence with the -er. Neutral names, finders were given more rights and were rewarded with a of! Are nouns in German on Lingolia and test your knowledge of this article you! That it ’ s too cold outside i worked there as a teacher in region... Got a teaching degree and have no singular and they are just used in the plural money. Be provided before or during the weekends, that is a good teacher, she is friendly... Start learning them you will see some phrases that you are not changed in the terms of use of imperative! Warm welcome to all the fellow language learners i can ’ t find my key,... Suffix -e and an Umlaut on the vowel of their plural varies lesson. Falsch geschriebene Wörter und grammatikalische Fehler in Ihrem Text finden zu können odor! Year with her and ca n't recommend her highly enough German plural, irrespective the., German diminutives, ending on -chen or -lein German or start learning them you see! Which form of the German simple past and participle II form various and use different of! Love my job and always seek to make it as much fun as possible our next.... Classes are developed for each student according to their level, interests and needs and have no and. Not change in the second person forms the basis, with the class,! Genders in German, gender and singular/plural many translated example sentences containing `` plural und ''. ) Accusative case in German nouns of language in identification and correction of student german plural finder her and ca n't her!

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