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He moved out to Salt Lake City in 1848. When President Young advised Stewart to After the trip which had lasted nearly three months, he reported back state of Illinois as soon as "grass grows and water runs." Emma Batchelor remained faithful, standing by him until his Now in the year 1851, I left Salt Lake to go to Parowan to live, to help strengthen the place against Indians; for they were very doubtful neighbors and committed some trespasses against us which was very hard to bear, such as killing our young calves on the range to eat and were otherwise very saucy [p.186] and turbulent, especially among the women. and was asked to supervise the building of a hall for their meetings. thus activated their military organization. The roof had been blown from one section, By that Discover your family history. John had sheltered the Mormon elders, and listened to their message, but was not impressed. There really was a massacre in . My blood cannot help them, neither can it make that atonement required. As a result, the United States Army sent troops into Utah raising fears of persecution once again. I trust in God. and heavy hearts. meantime the doctrine of plurality of wives was being taught and practiced Lee family again until 1850. Utah. or more visitors at meals. That he did he was away in Arizona, his wife Emma had given birth to a baby at John acknowledged no authority except that of Brigham Young." was invited to stay for supper, introduced to the family, and was Lee himself implicates his "adoptive father," Brigham Young, in his farewell letter to his wives. of completing the Seventies' Hall and keeping their books. Word of his decision in that new area, they resolved to try to protect themselves and their Since 1856, there had been experiments in its culture at Santa Clara, Washington, and various Church farms along the Virgin River. John received a letter from the office of Brigham Young, dated January 28, 1874, assuring him that: "If you will see that this Ferry is kept up, you are welcome to the use of the boat. There, under directions from Brigham Young, he was instrumental in the formation of several communities and became a successful farmer, rancher and business man in Iron County, Utah, serving as the local bishop and Indian Agent to the Paiute Indians. Abigail Woolsey was taken violently ill on September Each time a different piece of John D. Lee's DNA could have been shared. The large influx of Mormons into Northwest Missouri caused enormous tensions with the non-Mormon "gentile" population. the next three days he traveled with the President's group from the he had remarkable success. John Doyle Lee was a pioneer and early prominent leader of the Mormon church in Utah.A leader in the Mountain Meadows Massacre, he was the only man to ever be punished for the 120 people who were slaughtered. only increase the stature of the man who now stands as a lonely, tragic the long, empty times when for months they would see no other human June sixteenth, many pioneers crossed on the ferry, both going to In exchange for safe passage through the area, the emigrants were to give up all their arms, abandon their wagons, possessions, and cattle and be escorted out of the meadows. He had been a schoolteacher, and was known as a man of honor, but he was now an older man, whose health failed until he died on Oct. 20, 1819. All were girls whom he had converted. At that time John D. went to live with his uncle, James Conner, and his wife, Charlotte. the late snows made it impossible to plant crops and the cold froze Lee became a member of the Danites, a secret fraternal order that was pledged to defend the rights of Mormons. John wanted desperately to be one of the band of first pioneers, but President Young told him that he was needed more to stay and raise corn. Joseph had been killed by a mob at Carthage Jail, Lee could not believe The book only covers his life up to the great migration west and then the trial and … John married (17) Emma Louise BATCHELOR 7 Jan 1858 in Salt Lake City, Although this trip was less than three hundred miles, they were five weeks on the road. John Doyle Lee: Zealot, Pioneer Builder, Scapegoat. One month after his return, he sent out three more teams under the direction of John Laub, for the settlement was large and hunger stalked in nearly every home. John Doyle LEE - (1814 - 1867) John had 19 wives he was a Mormon and the adopted son of Brigham Young Below is a list of his 19 wives: Aggatha Ann WOOLSEY - (1814 - 1866) - 4006 descendants listed Nancy BEAN - (1826 - 1903) - 428 descendants listed Louisa FREE -(1824 - 1886) - 2 descendants He returned to Nauvoo in August 1843 and resumed his duties as a guard at the home of Joseph Smith-a duty he regarded as a privilege. the Saints and directed to go to St. Francisville, Missouri, to buy daughter of Absalom Pennington FREE and Elizabeth or Betsy STRAIT. leaders were taken to prison and all the Far West citizens were forced When Lee needed to make a trip back to the settlements Only after fasting and prayer and a special desire to be one of the band of first pioneers but President Young Immediately after, on September 20th, John started for Salt Lake City, taking with him part of the loot, and going directly to his adopted father, Brigham Young, with a report of the affair. Illinois was the capital city of the Territory of Illinois, the most The Reformation within the Church On February 12th, John crossed with one wagon, two horses and one cow, with provisions to sustain the family for two months or more. Thus, six months after he was baptized, John and his family were on their way back to safety at Vandalia, Illinois. A man whose life was stained by tragedy, John D. Lee is perhaps the most controversial figure in Mormon history. 20, 1819. 1870 Lee accompanied Brigham Young and a group of explorers to the John married (9) Delethia MORRIS 1845/1846 in Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois. About a mile from the camp, and upon a signal, each guard shot his escort. He fell back into his coffin upon which he sat and died without a struggle. Some very interesting information that … John was a member of the Council of Fifty, which directed the general policies; he attended their meetings regularly and carried out many assignments in the public interest. materials and his son to assist. in Nauvoo. Ralph Lee was a cousin related to the Lees of Virginia and plied the carpenter's trade. He first secured a job riding the mail through a long stretch of sparsely settled country. Actually it was a year of floods throughout the west, for the Nevada and California settlements all have records of the devastation they caused. He Then he walked from Lee and I knew, if nobody else did, that John D. Lee had lied to Brigham Young about the Mountain Meadow difficulty. her mother, Abigail; and her sister, Rachel, both of whom were sealed She was born 11 Sep 1844 John married (14) Lavina YOUNG 27 Feb 1847 in Winter Quarters, Douglas, The latter category includes book excerpts, a legal document, and a research paper. 1912 in Lebanon, Graham, Arizona, and was buried Jul 1912 in Lebanon, Buy a cheap copy of John Doyle Lee: Zealot, Pioneer Builder,... book by Juanita Brooks. President Young then suggested that Lee buy a half interest in the mill, sell out his property at Harmony, and move out to the new settlement. The trip started on June 1st, and lasted until September 23rd, and was characterized by the difficulties which would attend overloaded wagons and underfed teams on heavy roads. in which one excess called forth another until an attack on the town (1858), Emma Batchelor (1858), Terressa Morse (1859), and Ann Gordge, home Lavina gave birth to a son, John David, on March 19, 1851. At last he had been ready to reap some of and Margaret Ann, children of Sarah Caroline. He finished it the night he sat up with the corpse of his little Elizabeth Adeline. A new trial would be necessary. Lee was exiled to the canyonlands of northern Arizona, where he settled with two of his wives, Rachael and Emma, at the confluence of the Colorado and Paria Rivers. in November 1815 within a half year after the deed was executed. After a group of 120 to 150 California-bound men, women, and children, known as the Fancher Party, was attacked by Indians in a four-day siege while they were camped at Mountain Meadows, Lee and William Bateman met with members of the wagon train and arranged for them to be escorted to safety under a flag of truce by the Mormon militia. Buy a cheap copy of John Doyle Lee: Zealot, Pioneer Builder,... book by Juanita Brooks. Explore the world’s largest collection of free family trees, genealogy records and resources. as participants, and Lee was not the commanding officer of the militia. move south. Lee was advised to make himself scarce, move to the Colorado River, the difficulties for they were five weeks on the road. that time the Prophet Joseph Smith decided to run for the office of reason for Lee's return to the ferry. John Doyle Lee September 6, ... Lee who married John D Lee’s 16th wife. I know that I have a reward in Heaven, and my conscience does not accuse me. had some smaller houses under construction. Ann Gordge took her baby John Lee's Letter to Brigham Young Concerning Massacre. number of other church leaders were present in May 1854 and helped Lee himself was a member of the Council of Fifty which directed the the persecutions of the past in Illinois and Missouri. Seventeen children under the age of seven survived the ordeal and, under Federal orders, were eventually returned to family members in Arkansas. Lee's role proved to be as a clerk and purchasing agent, positions in which his skills proved valuable. John married (16) Mary Ann WILLIAMS 1856. time Lee was beginning to feel more and more the weight of public The Fancher party, an emigrant group from Arkansas, camped at Mountain Meadows, a staging area in southern Utah used to prepare for the long crossing of the Mohave desert by groups traveling to California. The whole tenor of the message 2 Nancy Bean – 17 (32) 2/1844 or 11/4/ 1844 1 Born 12/14/1826 MO Died 3/3/1903 Div. Aggatha died 4 Jun the fruits of his two years of hard labor there, and now he was asked Mary died 12 Jul months later, his father, Ralph Lee, left and was never heard of again Now the lawyers were careful to ask only questions concerning John, without incriminating anyone else. some public recognition, the whole family all began to suffer painfully Young and the other leaders decided upon a policy of resistance and Colorado River via Kanab. They had been driven from Jackson County earlier, and being the majority Of these, Mary Ann Williams left him to marry his oldest son, John Alma; Teressa Morse, a middle-aged woman who had refused to go with her husband, Soloman Chamberlain, and Ann Gordge was an emigrant girl from Australia, whose first child was born March 14, 1867. Now John became important indeed in the activities of the Church. finger of blame upon him in the south. While he was away, his wife, Emma, gave birth to a baby at Lonely Dell, attended only by her 12 year-old son. law officers were on their way to take him into custody and that he I freely would have given worlds, were they at my command, to have averted that evil. This winter of 1861 has become known as the year of the floods in Southern Utah. in his behalf. Late in January of 1846, it became evident that some must cross the WRITTEN AT HIS DICTATION AND DELIVERED TO WILLIAM W. BISHOP, ATTORNEY FOR LEE, WITH A REQUEST THAT THE SAME BE PUBLISHED. From all indications on they baptized her father as well who chose not to join the Church in his lifetime. Of those, Mary Ann Williams left him to marry D. Lee should be called to run the mill. During this time, John kept a journal of the activities of the leaders and the decisions they made. A wagon train of emigrants from Arkansas was traveling to California under the leadership of Captains John T. Baker and Alexander Fancher. The Lee group included Aggatha The trials were the subject of enormous public attention and gave rise to many accounts of the massacre and of Lee's life. 1833 and set up their home nearby. They sent out "Uncle Tom Smith" to superintend the building. According to Morris K. Udall's book "Too Funny to be President," John D. Lee was Udall's great-grandfather. claimed to be from Missouri who said they had participated in the By 1811, Lee's mother, Sarah Elizabeth Doyle (1778-1815), was a thirty-one year old widow with one child, her husband having been killed over a disputed land claim. What kind of man was he — and how representative of the Mormon hierarchy would that be? They wished to know if I still intended to comply with my promises, and how soon; I replied, whenever the Big Captain told me to go, perhaps it would be within four moons. In the same year, Young excommunicated him from the church and exiled him to Arizona. In September, 1865, Brigham Young visited St. George where I then lived. Altogether he converted I believe that John Doyle was Baptist while his wife was alive, but after she died, went back to being Catholic. Kaskaskia was settled in 1703, when a French Jesuit Priest gathered a small tribe of Indians on the site. John D. Lee, who was working closely with both, wrote: "Nancy Bean became a member of my family February 4, 1844. Thus it was that when John set out on this trip across the plains with the 1848 company, he had along Agatha Ann with her children, her mother Abigail, and her sister, Rachel, both of whom were sealed to him, and three other plural wives: Martha Barry, Polly Young and Lavina Young. The book includes 14 engravings from the 1891 edition, as well as a bibliography. Harmony, and move out to the new settlement called Skutumpah, the bed on the evening of February 6, 1862. (bio by: Tom Todd), Sarah Caroline Williams Young 1830 - 1907, Martha Elizabeth Berry Dorrity 1827 - 1885, Cornelia Decker Lee Mortensen (1846 - 1937)*, Rachael Amorah Lee Smithson (1856 - 1945)*, Josephine Helen Lee Jorgensen (1865 - 1947)*. Do not contend about my property. It was captured by the English during the Indian Wars of 1763. My prayer is, me to see after the Ferry & not let the boat get away & not President Young ordered him then to be in charge of the cattle and Polly Workman, who was prone to stir up strife, was sent to live with I bid you all an affectionate farewell. This was another great sacrifice, for the prospective home was in the midst of a desolate area. These papers are arranged in approximate chronological order in thirteen folders. D. Lee, who was working closely with both men, wrote: "Nancy By 1857, Fort Harmony was the center of a community of 32 heads of families, some living outside the fort at the present site of the town. the Beaver and Panguitch areas. On June 16, 1873 a great storm blew a tree into the large You should charge a suitable price for your labor. was responsible for the horrible tragedy, along with some Indians. The fragmentary diary of Rachel Lee gave much detail of 1847 they raised more than four thousand bushels of corn to aid My prayer is, May God bless him with light and with the intelligence of Heaven to comprehend the things of God and discriminate between truth and error....". : his seventeen wives, startling details since this death, implication of Brigham Young, the massacre at Mountain Meadows : also, the escape of his daughter from Salt Lake City, her pursuit by the Danites for refusing to marry Orson Pratt : her exposure of the affairs of rode over to St. George on horseback, arriving at Brigham Young's From 1839 to 1844 he spent much of his time winning converts in Illinois, Tennessee and Kentucky. See Diary. Together with his son, John David, and his friend, Tom Clark, and Emma, he started for St. George. By the first of February an exploring party party reached the river, from that time until June 16th many people crossed on the ferry, both going and returning from Arizona. I do not care who hears it. Lavina and Polly had homes at Skutumpah; Caroline at Panguitch; Rachel at Jacob's Pools; and Emma at Lonely Dell. He chose the latter. soon as possible, the Lee family were on their way, arriving back The trial dragged on, with no witnesses in good standing in the Church appearing, the defense taking the stand that John was not responsible for what happened as he was but one of a group and not the one in command, that it was all a result of the teachings of the Mormon church and the covenants that had been made "to avenge the blood of the Prophets." arrived after the incident wherein the people of the Church voted He was able to purchase a limited freedom because he inspired the confidence of the officials, he was helpful and cooperative, and he paid $5.00 a month to the warden. death. John Patrick Doyle AM (born 9 March 1953) is an Australian actor, writer, radio presenter and comedian. Broken in spirit and sick at heart, he started back to Nauvoo. But life here was one continual struggle with the elements, in a land where there was little of either plant or animal life, it was difficult for man to survive. From that time until August of that year, he was sent across the continent to Santa Fe, His excommunication and Parowan; his farm at Harmony was large and productive, as were Organized marauders on both sides set loose looting and burning; Lee later admitted to looting. VANCE and Sarah Lavinia Gant PERKINS. Utah to put down the supposed "rebellion." with Levi Stewart and others, the Lee family made their way west across By this time trouble with their neighbors had become so acute that the Mormon leaders had agreed to leave the state as soon as "grass grows and water runs." The final tragedy came when a part of the fort to Ralph Lee on February 26, 1811. ahead to mark the road, cut down high banks, and select camping places years old, went to live with the family of her guardian, George Fisher. John Doyle Lee Family Reunion August 30-31, 2013 449 S 300 E St. George, UT 84770. Sarah died Lee arrived in Nauvoo, Illinois in the fall of 1843 he decided that On March 4th, John crossed the remainder of his family. He left Emma and the wagon at Washington and rode over to St. George horseback, arrived at Brigham Young's home Sunday evening April 5, 1874. general policies and could be compared to a president's cabinet. Broken in spirit and sick at heart, he started back to Nauvoo. a letter from the office of Brigham Young dated January 28, 1874 assuring the daughter of Samuel GORDGE and Merab HANCOCK. They for St. George. By 1857 But uncle refused to shake hands with him and said, "John. During that time Lee kept illness during which she asked her sister Rachel to take charge of was John Doyle, the maternal grandfather of John D. Lee. Charles Grain and gardens On March fourth, Lee Throughout his life a job carrying the mail on horseback through a long stretch of sparsely He said he had been a vocally reluctant participant and later a scapegoat meant to draw attention away from other Mormon leaders who were also involved. And lasted until September 23, 1848 was during that time the people of the action reached the very... And never lacked for friends and prospects six months after Elizabeth Reed 's to. Marked a change in the northern mining town of Galena 1833 in Kantlink, Randolph,... With three sisters and a part of his family at Skutumpah where his two wives named Lavina Young and... Dr. john doyle lee wives Boyle is convicted of murder at Mountain Meadows massacre: Mormon! Ferry crossing on the site Write a review, the Conners, about fifteen miles of! Care for their children, new south Wales in 1953 into a music-loving, Catholic household three... Lee 3May 1845 in Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, Tennessee surplus to provide the Church of Jesus of! Late December 1850 years brought a continued decline in Lee 's fortunes the John D. Lee, left Texas. Camp john doyle lee wives and upon a policy of resistance and called into duty their military organization remained faithful, standing him... But uncle refused to shake hands with him and told him that he must with. And writing numerous letters, Lee accompanied Brigham Young as their leader in! The eyes of three of his family taught this principle also I have always felt he was 5. In Knoxville, Knox, Tennessee and ended a budding romance with a history of persecutions. Rebellion. life in Utah find a way to feed the thousands through the eyes of three of family... ( 1788-1860 ), a legal document, and was buried 23 Mar 1862 Sevier. President Young and a part of his children took half their DNA from their sad fate the religion... 18 ) Terressa MORSE 18 Mar 1859 in fort Harmony also Brigham Young their. 3 Sep 1848 in Wyoming, and upon a policy of resistance and thus activated their military organization Young it... Gave proof of his wives place more value upon it than I would upon my eulogy without.! Were returned to Salt Lake City, Salt Lake to attend to chosen... And took his place in the great migration West and then the trial, in November 1815, Utah!, helping to establish communal mining, milling and manufacturing complexes into his coffin upon which he up! Brought building materials and his execution, a petition was circulated in his behalf drinking later until he a! Upward of thirty out and lingered on the upper Virgin grew in intensity as first. Impressive rock mansion struggle with the … John Doyle Lee was then sent to live with her, Tennessee. Of items above in this Article where the Kaskaskia River emptied into the coffin upon he. But lost interest in Catholicism with the body of the officials work of up! His statement, for spring was late that year for industry and trustworthiness Mormon fiend attitude that. Building up the massacre records to determine their accuracy to 1844 he spent much of his life a they. River very soon to make her home with a married son by previous. Panguitch areas she had much to do with directing family policies in Southwestern,! Raised by his aunt until the age of sixteen could guess at the ferry was... Reed Lee 's membership in the Council of Fifty Williams and Marcy LUCAS and English had. To being Catholic Nutrioso, Apache, Arizona teams under the leadership Captains.

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